Radio Control Modelling....planes cars and boats... time to finally admit you never grew up

Anyway, back to the XK A1200. An excellent bit of kit, it must be, I haven't broken it yet. Apart from the first flight, when the bugger pissed orf, it's all been pretty controlled, had a few landings which weren't exactly alighting like thistledown, wings becoming a little bit detached, but just push back in. No sweat, and I really got into it. I started looking at a DIY bi-plane, but I dunno, flying is great fun, but there's an awful lot of things to do, (I'm on the wrong side of old, so much to do) I'll carry on until it falls to bits, then have a good think about it. I'll keep up with the thread, thanks to Halftrack, et al.
(Those fan jet thingies look good)
I'm really chuffed that it's going well. It's not easy to do what you have, I know as been there and done that. Just keep going and it gets easier.

Bipes can be tricky blighters but a good design can be a stable slow flyer. I love my SE5A, cant get it to stall and I've got into situations where it should have just fallen out of the sky.

If you fancy a ducted fan jet there are small models with mini gyros which are easy to fly. My mini Mig 15 is superb. Rock solid in the air despite its size. The only prob is that being small they an get even smaller very quickly, but that's what the throttle is for. :D

Building and flying your own model though is a fantastic experience.
Well, the Lancaster plans are now ready! If anyone wants them I have a link and they cost £8. Not as accurate as the HK or WNW models but a lot cheaper and will fly an awful lot better!! :D
I like Gliders, they do some good stuff. Didn't know they stocked FT kits. That's great news!
bit pricey I thought , I have a half finished Bronco downstairs that I have covered the depron with brown paper ,incredibly tough though but quite heavy
I might get round to finishing the Bronco one day... it's all built the same way as the paper covered foam kit, from FT with the motors and ESCs on de-mountable pods? frames...the paper is stuck on using watered down diamond hard varnish one advantage is there is a slight twist at both ends of the wing so washout should stop tip stalling ... and then over painted with thinned PU varnish...need to get a couple of emax 2812s and ESCs, and getting near a dozen servos being ordered from china as well

maybe the next one to finish after the Goliath
Bought and downloaded the Lanc plans. Yet to work out how to print them off, but when I do how do you transfer them to the depron? The old pin through the plan technique???
Bought and downloaded the Lanc plans. Yet to work out how to print them off, but when I do how do you transfer them to the depron? The old pin through the plan technique???
Pritt stick... if they are on A4 size paper print more than one copy and cut through , the paper just peels off , a wipe with surgical spirit leaves the depron as it was rub the pritt stick onto the depron and the paper
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I just got the lancaster thread sent to one of my FB threads Halftrack
I think I will bite the bullet and get the plans , just for the wings, nacelles and tail feathers and have a couple of days looking at designing a fuselage for the "York"

on the to do list anyway when we get back in March

I like the straight lines of this model should make folding the foam pretty straight forward and the straight lines over the wing camber ease building problems

It is a good looking plane , and from the video , realistic and has a presence in the air

Funny , you and me talking about Lancaster wings for a York got this thread off the ground(sic)
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