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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by Gunner_smudge, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. A radio station in Co. Kerry in Ireland was running a new competition......It was for words that were not yet included in the dictionary but that could still be used make logical senttences.
    The prize was a three week trip to Bali.

    DJ. "96 FM here, what's your name?

    Caller "Hi, me names Mick."

    DJ. "OK Mick, What's your word?"

    Caller. "Goan....its spelled G.O.A.N and pronounced 'go an' "

    DJ. "Correct Mick, your word is not in the dictionary.....Now, to win the trip to Bali, what sentence can you say using your word ?"

    Caller "Goan fuck yourself.....!!"

    The DJ cut the call dead as quick as a flash and was soon taking other calls....all were unsuccesful .....until....

    DJ. "96FM here, hi caller whats your name ?"

    Caller. " Hello, me names Kelly."
    DJ. "And what word have you got for us tonight, Kelly?"

    Caller. " Smee...Spelt.... S.M.E.E. and pronounced Smee."

    DI " Well Kelly you are another potential winner of the
    big prize, the three week trip of a lifetime to Bali.
    Your word is definately not in the dictionary. All you
    have to do now is give me a sentence that uses the
    word and makes sense.........."

    Caller. "Smee really,... Mick..... Goan fuck yourself!!" :dj: