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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by squigeypie, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. What are your opinions on the new radio ad currently running. I think they could of said a bit more at the end, rather than saying 'find out how you could play a part in the army' they could of said along the lines of 'find out how you can play a part in the defence of the country' or something similar.
  2. I've not heard it, I'll keep an ear out.

    I think we should have more Lord Kitchener: "Your county need you!", or JFK: "... what you can do for your country" style adds.

    But maybe their keeping it limp on purpose; if your making people redundant it doesn't make much sense to go on a recruitment drive.
  3. its a bit cringeworthy, though I can't suggest any way to have done it better!
  4. I'm a chef that can't cook! I'm in the Isle of man! Err **** actually
  5. I think they should have added a line about "Injury Lawyers 4 U".
  6. I'm Sgt McNeil the retard
  7. I'm Sgt McNeil and so is my wife!

    I think the radio adds are tosh, but then I don't have many better ideas. I don't think anybody that made the adverts has ever spoken to a TA soldier.

    The worst thing about the adverts is that they send you to the army website, which quite frankly is w4nk. It tells you nothing about your local unit. It tells you nothing about what you ACTUALLY have to do. It is all bumf about 'the joining process' but nothing about how to actually do it! Grrrr! As soon as you go through to the next page, it is a cycle that tends to direct you back towards the regulars.

    If you go to your local army recruiting office (like suggested), then tend to have b*gger all knowledge about the TA and the joining processes we have.

    The best bet would be to have one web page that says 'GO TO YOUR LOCAL UNIT AND TALK TO THEM ON A TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY NIGHT' with a big f*ck off map with the TACs on.