Radio 5 - Blandford - Thursday 12th October

Heard yesterday that Nicky Campbell and the 5 Live breakfast team are at Blandford 'the home of the 11th Signal Regiment', as they phrased it, from 06.00am through to 09.00 next Thursday.

'don't mention Bowman'

Will the SOinC be interviewed?
What was all that drill all about? Funny, but cringeworthy.

Edited to add that I listened to the remainder of the broadcast on the way into work and I think the Corps, and the Army for that matter came out with a great deal of credit. The CO sounded coherent too - so much more than he did as a young troopy at 21....:)
I've just listened to it via BBC 'Listen Again' - "Breakfast (3 hr) Broadcast on Five Live - Thu 12 Oct - 06:00".

Pretty good. I thought the whole thing was really positive and the officers and soldiers all came out of it very well indeed.

The programme gave a very good impression of Blandford Camp. Can you imagine the same show broadcast from Deepcut?
I Must admit I thought that particular JNCO was outstanding in every way-not only that did you hear Nicky Cambell state that, "He really looks the part". Not only that the said JNCO was dragged away from his workplace (apparantly a victim of his own success) to do the Final bit on the show! Fu5k me he must be bloody good, I say promote him now, if he can carry that off, under that sort of pressure-with the ears of 8.7 million people listening-tv cameras-the press all and sundry watching, well what can you say? Apparently, the said soldier is available for tv work and further radio work and of course autographs, and anybody else that wishes to suck up to him, by God he is worth it.
He was only called back because of his girly drill voice ;-)

You wouldn't know the aforementioned soldier now would you??

I think Nicky fancies him.

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