Radio 5 10:55 14Sep

Matthew Bannister is hosting an item during today's programme on Army recruiting, including Brigadier Andrew Jackson head of recruiting. Also includes a bit on refusal by army of a recent Bad Lads Army participant (BAD lad a bit of a give-away perhaps).

I don't know when this topic gets under way (currently some Jock teetotaller whingeing about Freddie Flintoff enjoying a beer) but you can get your views across in advance.

contact details for prog

call ............ 0500 909 693

Text ........... 85058

email ..........

or from bbc page (Bannister seems to be covering Victoria Derbyshire - ooerr missus)

Maybe Arrsers ideal chance to project their views on recruiting, manning control, prosecution.

NOW UNDER WAY 10:55 - presumably continues after 11:00 news
whiffler said:
(Bannister seems to be covering Victoria Derbyshire - ooerr missus)
I'd love to cover Victoria, and her sister Alex!!!

The program was crap. Half-hearted would be a compliment to their enthusiasm.

Is she giving her sister's nip a bit of a tweak there - or just getting it hard with the assistance of a chilled glass ?.
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