Radio 4 - "What do you think of BOWMAN"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bad_Crow, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Anybody else had a PM off them reference Bowman?
  2. Yes, I have referres them to the Media people at the MOD.

    A pretty low attempt at getting something sensational and a reminder to us all about OPSEC.
  3. BC can you forward this PM to me if you still have it please?
  4. i do and i can
  5. me too please
  6. Be patient my padawan...

    We are contacting a number of contributors to the arrse website because we are currently investigating concerns about equipment and vehicles supplied to front line troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is for a forty-minute current affairs programme (File on 4) to be transmitted on BBC Radio 4 next month. (An earlier programme of ours in 2003 drew attention to this issue of failures to provide kit.)
    We are keen to find out in more details about concerns over the Bowman radios, how well they work and what the repair facilities are in theatre.
    Anyone familiar with our programme will know that we are skilled at maintaining the anonymity of our contacts.
    If you feel you can contribute any information on this please let me know.
    Ian Muir-Cochrane (BBC File on 4)

    Thats the fella
  7. Any chance of a copy
  8. has anybody forwarded this to BedIn?
  9. You'd think he'd have looked for a signals Avatar to pester! I wouldn't have a clue. I'd just say Purge alot!
  10. Not so, file on 4 is a very reputable investigative programe that has fcuked up many a Govt scam. The MOD will be VERY wary about this one, its quite delightful that a few ARRSE threads could lead to some sleazy characters being nicked. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Won't sort the immediate problem out but at least Swiss Des will be alerted now to what BOWMAN actually is.
  11. This approach by the BBC is not something that I would have expected from a supposed pillar of British society. All it does is encourage ill informed comment from people who quite often want to cause trouble. Equipment will never be perfect and we will never have enough of it because we are human and want more of everything. Bowman from my experience is way better than Clansman and does what it says on the can.

    More importantly commenting in public on things like this puts lives at risks.

    I think everyone should ignore this approach and tell the BBC where they can put an antenna.
  12. Yes Minister.

    <Dons tinfoil hat>
  13. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Interesting 1st post and obviously close to your heart to get over a year of lurking. Perhaps they're just intending to investigate something that has been publicly trashed by various serving people in these fora and in the general and defence media? I don't hold much with the BBC generally but how else are they supposed to get in contact discretely with people who may know something more than is being spouted by the MOD spokesmen? And who knows, it may spark some interest is sorting out the problems.

    Having said all that, I wouldn't touch this with yours. But perhaps if you think Bowman is good you should put yourself forward to say so.
  14. Does it say 'Batteries may catch fire when wet'? (allegedly) 8)

    Edited to add bold
  15. Investigating major Government fiascos is their job nickkath, just as covering them up is employment for other people.

    Really, as ill informed as the service personnel who have come very close to being killed by this alleged system?

    Glad to hear you are operationally deployed nickkath, I would hate to think that your BOWMAN experience was in the UK, which sandy place are you in?

    This is a contemptible statement, reminiscent of the worst excesses of Government arrogance towards serving personnel in the field.

    OPSEC is never breached by ARRSE or such BBC programmes, the problems of BOWMAN are known all over the world precisely because it does not work. If anything this programme may shame the MOD to actually look at the problem.

    Or maybe they should act on it as the CoC seems incapable and the so called equipment is not only a scandalous abuse of public funds but a positive boon to the enemies of this Country.

    Antennas tuning into the BBC radio 4 'File on 4' special on BOWMAN - I cannot wait it will be a corker!