Radio 4 want a military voice to speak to them

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cabarfeidh, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. Email received.

    "We're hoping to do an item for Saturday 10th November, ahead of Remembrance Sunday, looking at military bloggers. Getting serving personnel to talk is proving difficult, so I'm approaching you, even though you're no longer adding entries to your blog. ........An interview could be done anonymously over the next week or so. "

    I cannot do so asked them if I could circulate you fine fellows (and fellesses):

    "If you can ask on Arrse - which we often use as a resource on Radio 4! - that would be great. What I'm looking for ideally is someone who blogs/has blogged about their time in the armed forces. Clearly we could interview them anonymously or disguise their voice if they are worried about being identified. I would hope to hear from them why they blog, whether it causes/caused problems, what reactions it got etc. Please ask interested people to contact me via Any interview would only take 5 or 10 minutes, and we'd like to record it preferably from a BBC studio next Friday or Saturday."

    Anyone interested? Please email Marc Settle at Radio 4 direct or PM me for his phone number.

    This is the second request in a month as I was also asked by Radio 5 for a viewpoint which will hopefully be provided by a fine recently civilianised military chap.... 8) So remember...the BBC are lurking and always on the lookout for interesting topics and people from here to speak about them. Elocution lessons so you sound like a BBC newsreader available for a fee (10% discount for Highlanders who only speak Gaelic...) :D

    MOD: Can you make this sticky for a few days please? Ta very much!
  2. Not Jackson please, not Jackson; or Walker for that matter.
  3. Mendoca must be gargling now!
  4. How about Bob Stewart the man who won the war in Bosnia... but seriously folks! Anyone out there? People keep complaining about the BBC but here's a chance to put our views across "politely of course" :cool:
  5. how about PM'ing hackle?
  6. How about Private Pike.............."silly boy!"
  7. "Getting serving personnel to talk is proving difficult . . . . we could interview them anonymously or disguise their voice if they are worried about being identified"

    First it has been said several times already, to talk to the press without authorisation is against the rules. If it is illegal to do so, would Cabarfeidh and Mark Settle be guilty of aiding and abetting - would ARRSE be similarly liable?
  8. No. It's between the Soldier and his Employer.
  9. Are You sure?

    If a third party facilitated embezzlement by an accountant then it wouldn't be between the accountant and His boss only - what is the difference?
  10. I'm serving and I'd happily do it-MOD can swivel if they think I'm staying schtum.
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    We're not talking about a criminal offence in this case, numbnuts. The ban on all communication regarding 'defence' issues is an - almost certainly illegal - attempt by an employer to impose a restriction on its employees.
  12. I've just left, will speak to anyone who wants to listen.

  13. Nice to see Sven doing his usual 'open gob, wibble and then remember to engage brain' act..... They don't want criticism or gossip just a general chat about things military/blogging from OUR point of view. Read the email Sven....and remember that they can get any quotes they want anytime by watching these forums and they don't even have to attribute the source! At least by asking they will get someone who will be interested enough to think before they speak and make sure our view is heard. Or are you against freedom of speech as well? 8O

    Remember the BBC asked us to set up a Squaddies Panel some time ago and we got about four or five retired guys who said they'd be happy to chat? This is just another extension of the panel.

    nottyash: give Marc a mail on - anyone else?

    Shall I ask CGS to start a blog too? To go with his weekly news releases that cause more hassle than the entire forum threads of ARRSE! :D
  14. Really Cabarfeidh, is that all they want.

    In that case why on earth do they offer anonymity - why don't they just approach MoD and ask if they can talk to blogger so and so, who is serviceman ****? Why doesn't Mr Settle say that He advocates any serviceman who approaches Him to speak to His unit to get permission?

    As to free speech, I'm all for it BUT servicemen give up that freedom as a condition of their service. They do so knowingly and as I understand it, several Navy bods were heavily castigated on this means for doing what You are now advocating.

    And THEY, unllike servicemen You are hoping to recruit, got permission to speak to the press.