Radio 4 serialised autobiographies

For those of us who have the dubious pleasure of working from home, the radio is often the accompaniment to the day's tasks.

This morning I was listening to Radio 4 which every weekday morning has a serialised book reading. Different book every week.

This week is the Autobiography of Rory McGrath, read by Rory McGrath. Rory who? I hear you say? He was a comedian about twenty years ago.

Last week it was the autobigraphy of Cherie Blair, read by Cherie Blair.

A few weeks before that there was the autobigraphy of John Prescott, read by, wait for it - John Prescott.

It was only today that I noticed the emerging pattern. These are all books that can't possibly expect to achieve any commercial success on their own. Joe Bloke would never entertain buying any of these titles. Therefore, the PR companies generate a media feeding frenzy where possible or at the very least get an appearance fee from the BBC for the author reading it on air.

Why is the BBC paying out for this crap?
That’s nothing ducky, mention Duchess Stephen Fry to BBC4 and they wet their nickers and re-run his 50th birthday show. :flower:

Have you tried BBC7? Goons, Navy Lark, I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, Beyond Our Ken? Remember the book/film ‘Ill Met by Moonlight’, the SOE on Crete. Monday 02 June, ‘Ill Met by Goonlight’ – Needie Seagoon goes to Crete, have some. :nod:


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