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I work for a BBC Radio 4 programme called File on 4.

In September, we'll be looking at how well the NHS/MoD is coping with PTSD in military personnel who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Any advice/opinion from Arrse members would be welcomed.


rob.cave @

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Mikal said:
I suggest you contact Combat Stress since they handle nearly all the fall out.
Errr, no they don't, if you're still serving it's handled by the DCMHs, who have some very skilled practitioners and are very good at what they do.

Combat Stress handle a proportion of those (nowhere near 'nearly all') who've left but there are also some good NHS services eg Chorley and East Yorks (not nearly enough though) that deal with PTSD, as well as other 3rd sector services and private providers (my PCT has funded through Priory on occasions).

There's also the Reserve Forces Mental Health scheme for appropriate people and the pilot schemes in Cornwall and elsewhere for veterans.

Provision isn't what it should be and there are still major difficulties at the MOD/NHS interface, getting hold of military psychiatry records for someone who has left the forces being a good example,but it is at least headed in the right direction.

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