Radio 4 programme on TA Mon 15 May 1100

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ssupersixfour, May 14, 2006.

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  1. bump. Part 2 same time next Monday ?
  2. Overall covered a range of topics quite fairly - only used term "T-Aze" once. All participants came over well, although the chap almost wetting himself with excitement after firing a Milan came over a bit naff. Bet he cringed when he heard it too.

    Interviews with Richard Holmes, 6 PWRR, Rifle Volunteers, medics.

    Next time more from those in sand-pit, about to go to Afghanistan, and experience of those who have returned and its impact. Trail sounds a bit gloomy - as indeed life is for some.

    Recommended listening if it comes up as a play-again on BBC Radio 4 site, or even for a browse of transcript. If not can BBC or production company provide ?
  3. Also liked that they got the word Stupid T A B@stard in before lunch as well.
    I thought it did give a good over all picture of the TA, good and bad.
  4. Indeed. It was such a dramatic pause from the lady too.

    Radio: ''It means stupid T A............''

    Me: ''Say it!!!!''

    Radio: ''B@stard''

    Me: ''Can they seriously say that shit on the radio?''
  5. good prog I thought.
    couldn't believe I heard the commentator say 'TA's' though! :)