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This radio channel is broadcasting a series of 3 (?) documents which have recentlly been released for public scrutiny.

Last night commenced with the emotive topic of Interrogation, specifically the activities of Lt. Col ( Professor) Alex Kennedy who was the chief psychological advisor to the Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centre in Cairo.

Concern was centred on Pro. Kennedy's techniques of using blacked out goggles, gloves, sleep depravation, drugs, white noise, stress positions et al. Post war, the late MP - Francis Noel Baker questioned the then PM, Harold Mc Millan on such tactics. McMillan skillfully avoided answering the questions directly.

Dick White, then with MI5 in 1943 was tasked to review such activities within the Int & Sy group in the Middle East ( Security & Intelligence Middle East or as it was referred to as SIME) He apparently was not impressed with such methods and reiterated his views much later when he took over as Director of MI6. Kennedy and he didn't have much in common on that front it seemed.

I found Col John Hughes-Wilson (Int. Corps) much more pragmatic on this topic - "I hope that the enemy are as kind to us as our lawyers are to them"

Next week features - 'The Coup in Oman 1970' The programmes are broadcast on Monday evenings at 8pm (local UK time) Well worth a listening to.
BUMP - I thought it worth highlighting the R4 @ 8pm (local UK) tonight featuring 'The Coup in Oman 1970' I heard Ranulf Fienne's in-put this morning on the R4 news, commenting that he would have " let the old fellow know" had he been aware of said coup and to paraphrase - would have ignored HMG's instructions to participate had he been required to do so.

Fair enough I suppose................... what a t@at though.
Ranulph Fiennes military career was of the blink and you'll miss it variety, albeit with some high points and some seriously low points too. His statement on the radio this morning was exactly what I would expect of him.
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