Radio 2 Simon Mayo - Ach So Herr Doktor Mosh.....?

Doctor Mosh has the musical taste of.....

  • A true god of the airwaves

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  • A narcoleptic chimp scrabbling through Grandpaws vinyl

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  • A Norven Monkey stuck in the early 80s

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  • A first class Radio presenter and all round jolly good egg

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  • Who he? Anyone know what this is about ?

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Book Reviewer
So....a klassic example of the kind of krud der so-called Doktor haf many times gespielt...

All I am saying is - vielleicht something OTHER than AC/DC, I-M und die verdammt Whitesnake scheiss !!!

(Du Lieber Gott - Wo ist mein MP38 )
Metallica, Lizzy, Motorhead, Slayer, Mannstein, da Priest, AC/DC, Kiss, Pearl Jam, Megadump, Sepultura etc. etc. please. Bring back Krusher onto the airwaves NOW! Rock hard, Rock heavy, Rock ANNIIIMMAAALL!!!