Radio 2 - Popmaster Wed 15th Sept.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by postman_twit, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. Did anyone catch it?

    Was Gladys 'no duff' or an 'in house' wind up?

  2. Yes I heard it too - thought Ken Bruce dealt with it quite robustly, although it seemed he was a bit rattled by it. When I heard the voice I thought it was a bloke acting up, & when Bruce cut it I was of the opinion that it was either an in-house windup that had made it past the BBC censors, or the work of a very junior researcher who'd been taken in by the windup merchant & let the vetting shield slip......
    Any other ideas?
  3. Do you remember the Noel Edmonds Gotcha and DLT?

    I do have visions of poor old Gladys weeping into her hanky tho'!
  4. I loved it when he cut her off with a curt, "we'll get a real contestant, all the best!!" and she was gone :-D
  5. DLT Gotcha was a classic - I was listening when it happened and thought that no fecker was that thick! Then come the end of the show and DLT realised he'd been had. (I heard that Edmongs had a security guard posted around his helo as DLT threatened to steal the blades off of it.)

    As for Gladys today - something just didn't sound right.
  6. But it didnt sound like Jonathan Woss or that cnut Brand..... So who was it?
  7. I was hoping she started a rant about the Pope.Maybe today?
  8. Popemeister?