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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bigbird67, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. big debate on whether Heather Mills is a true crip,or a walt??
  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha speaking as a raspberry my self ha ha ha

  3. what's your stance ww? Do you think she should have a parking ticket thingy or not? :shakefist:
  4. No ffs I dont have a blue badge on my car , yes I park where I like but its just an electric buggy , it's not as if she's not able to drive, or walk or dance. My last day tomorrow no more rush hour commuting !

  5. anything else lined up yet? I have to admit to being biased cos i feckin' detest the woman,but i agree she should have her disabled badge removed!
  6. Blue badges are for the one's that NEED them , the old and infirm , I can get about quite well so I've never applied, it grips my shite when I see the "chav " types with badges and parking in the disabled bay, I dont know about England but here in Scotlandshire I am lead to believe illicit parking in a diabled bay is fineable clamp and removable offence, regardless of site of bay ie, street, or tesco.
    As for work, nothing immediate a few lines to follow ,and one thats abroad and just what I want , just wish I was younger. the agency asked if I was free for end of year tax next month, said only if I could have same assistant, hopefuly they might give her a permanant job.

  7. I've got a nice wee blue badge (don't worry, it's legit). God I luv it! haven't paid a parking ticket in years - even when I am in the wrong.

    I'm led to believe, from those in the know, that a blue badge (or crip parking permit as I like to call it) is quite desirable - costing up to a grand on the black market. White van drivers love them as they're then exempt from the congestion charge. Wimbledon nick seized 500 badges - all dodgy and all bearing the same photo!?

    As for Hopalong Heather, she doesn't need one - she's minted. Get a helicopter skank