Radio 2 Alcohol misuse is a problem among UK troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fairycakes, May 13, 2010.

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  1. Alcohol abuse can be symptomatic ie self medication.

    Personally speaking, I think our drinking culture does more good than harm when its not actually linked to PTSD.. what would the army be without the odd monumental p*ss up??
  2. apparantly they're also about to expose the fact that the pope is catholic and bears do in fact defecate in woodland!
  3. Somebody got paid to come up with that earth shattering conclusion.

    Nice work if you can get it.
  4. There's more on the story here -

    I think the nub of it is that the study shows there is less mental illness as a result of ops than was thought, but that there may be significant alcohol misuse as a result.


    Edited to fix linky
  5. EXCELLENT :D :lol:

    Ithought that deserved a cut and paste

    Well, who'd have ****ing well thought? Isn't this astonishing news?

    Could it be that driving through a war zone, in a jeep made of used KitKat wrappers and Lego, is slightly more stressful than putting together a well-funded research paper with a foregone conclusion?

    Is it possible that being on the front line, seeing your friends and colleagues injured, even killed, is a bit tougher then being a reporter, writing yet another space-filler about the demon alcohol to a deadline?

    Might it be that if your workplace is filled with bearded lunatics who want you dead, rather than fat Dave, spotty Kev and Noreen from accounts, you'll could be expected to be little tense, in need of a relaxing outlet?

    For ****'s sake.

    And what's the definition of 'to excess' anyway? How do you 'abuse' alcohol? Given the way in which the Righteous have demonised and denormalised the eevil alcohol, the allowable amount has been pushed so low that we all ****ing well drink to excess, stressed or no. As soon as you raise your second pint to your lips, you've broken through the barriers.

    Soldier, if you've fought for this country, if you've risked your life on our behalf, then you ****ing well deserve a drink.

    In fact, the next one's on us. What'll you have?
  6. I totally agree, the naafi prices are far higher then they used to be, how the hell are you supposed to get shited on the cheap????
  7. C_C, Either I've had too much to drink or your link brings us straight back here...
  8. Ooops ... Fixed now.
  9. Do what the most of the public do & purchase from the supermarkets instead :wink:

    I do agree though with the naafi prices but this comes down to whoever wins the best contract, even spar & co-operative have been out-bid in certain areas!
  10. Well, I think it is a piece ranting tosh suitable only for the readership of the Daily Mail. This

    is a complete non sequitur.

    Is the chimp who wrote this arguing that there should be no basic research to establish where support of veterans should be directed?

    Is he really suggesting that individuals with alcohol problems should be encouraged to drink??

    I say again - pish!

  11. Just listened to the bloke who wrote the paper - seemed pretty accurate to me. I especially like the bit where he said 'I am not say that the Army go into battle pissed'.
  12. There was a sensible discussion from Prof Stephen Manley of London University on R4 as well. I believe that he was the one tasked with this project, wherein he's reviewed stats from WW2 to current ops.

    He says that PTSD hasn't gone away, but it is not as statistically prevalent as was thought. He attributes this (I'm being dangerously brief here) to a professional military service, wherein folks who sign on are more aware of what they are getting into. He figures that PTSD is no more so in the military than in the public services (police, medical etc)

    He remarked that we are all subject to limited Mental Health facilities which need looking at. He did say that alcohol was particularly a military issue.
  13. This thread about Radio 2 sounds reminiscent of the interview on TV this morning, that I posted in this thread:

    Oh yes it's the same: