Radio 1 DJ Kevin Greening. Man arrested after drugs find

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 58_Pattern, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. A chap has been arrested & bailed after class A substances were found at Greening's scene of death.

    If Greening did die of drugs then crack open the champagne and bail his dealer to give some to Pete Doherty. Would like to see him Potato Bread by Easter. Doherty is another waste of a skin.

    I have nil sympathy for celebs or any folk who take drugs. Every death is a result, hope it will encourage others to quit or not to try drugs.

    Story in the Times:
  2. There will be millions tonight overdosing from one of the most dangerous drugs of them all - alcohol. I wonder how many deaths there will be.
  3. Chuck the skins over 58 Pattern, I'll roll a fat one and we can talk about it LOL :wink:
  4. "It's the most wonderful time of the year..." :D
  5. Legion_n_aire, "one of the most dangerous drugs of them all "? I would pleased to see your documentary evidence. How inconvenient it must be that alcohol has ben part of the glue of our National fabric for over 2,000 years. Funny how it tends to be more adhesive than corrosive in our unworthy lives (p**s head nutters aside).
  6. I have to agree with P O L. It keeps my fabric together in this world when, as the Viet book says 'Heaven and Earth Changed Places'.
    However, 58 seems a good hearted chap. I hope he lives in N Surrey.
  7. I love it when that one gets banded about. How often do you hear of a Teenager getting poisoned from a single bottle of dodgy beer.

    Although having said that i think if you are over the age of 15 and die of anything to do with drugs you deserve everything you get for being a knob head.
  8. Oh there will be loads of kids pitching up at A&E with cannabis poisoning, (more likely the nearest fast food/ garage for munchie quelling) :D
  9. Sorry for being old fashioned (come from an old school Tory background, my mom is still a Thatcherite councillor living in Yorkshire). I would like to see compulsory drug & alcohol testing at A&E. If any traces of any Class A, B or C or drink are found then you are would get a referal to get help it would also go onto the national police computer and CRB checks.

    Habitual users would be caught out and by cross referencing this could be a major form of HumInt in the campaign against drugs.

    I would like to see compulsory / random drug & drink testing by major employers as happens in the US with multinationals & major firms.

    A mate of mine is just left Chevron shipping after 14yrs to move sideways to BP as a Chief Engineer. They frequently would arrive in a port and the whole crew would be tested.

    Any traces and it was goodnight Irene.

    If you want to sail with Chevron shipping then you agree to random drug & drink testing. A big LNG ship would have a $50 Mill Cargo and they don't want unstable idiots of any rank on the ships company.

    Wish it was part of the recruitment process for every FTSE100 listed company in the UK.
  10. Alcohol is actually the only drug that, once addicted, you can die from the withdrawal symptoms. You can google that up to verify. I guess I could look for some stats on alc vs other drugs in terms of deaths etc. Unfortunately because it is a legal drug a heroin addict has far more chance of being helped by the state than an alcoholic even though far more deaths occur each year from alcoholism.
  11. Erm I think you'll find heroin and in particular morphine are up there!
  12. Never mind the drugs thing but WHO the FUCK is Kevin Greening or is because im over 35 white and listen to Wogan. ;)
  13. Wogan is also dead. Sorry to break the bad news.
  14. ffs. You'll want to ban smoking next!
  15. Wogan can't die he's immortal and besides with about 25 years of recordings they can always do what the BBC does best and repeat the lot.