Radical solution maybe?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chrisg46, Jun 1, 2006.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I think most people would probably agree that the main problem in Basra at the moment is the militias who control the police. They all seem to have pentrated the boys in blue, who are now distrusted by the locals, the very people they are supposed to protect. This appears to have stemmed from the initial recruitment when officers were not properly vetted. For there to be any kind of peace in Basra, this problem has to be rectified. Is the following too radical an idea?

    A expansion of the number of british troops in the region, to support a move by the Iraqi army (who dont actually seem that bad) to take control of the city from the militias and replace the police force while a new one is raised and vetted properly. I think the exisitng force would have to be first in line, but have to pass the new vetting. If there is notice given, then the militias have the opportunity to back down and the locals can get out of the way if they feel the need. (this last part is a bit unpalatable cos we all know that not all civ's will take cover...)

    I may be talking out of my Arrse, but something has to be done to break the control of the militias. I recall that after the seizure of the OMS building during telic 4 the uprising ground to a halt, maybe some kind of decisive action could nip the militias off....
  2. I think that this may raise more than a few backs in the newly elected parliment and the local elected representatives (as some of them have vested interests in the infiltration of the police by their 'religous workers')

    it would also be viewed by the anrit-war movement as another example of neo-imperialism.
  3. Lets just steal their oil, pull out all coalition forces and then Nuke the entire site from orbit..... It's the only way to be sure!
  4. Your idea also ignores the fact that militias do not exist in a vacuum. They exist because a lot of the locals want them to. Indeed, the fact that they have many members and that they have comprehensively infiltrated the local security forces would argue that they represent the local people far better than a Coalition vetted force would.

    The other problem is that there is no such entity as the "Iraqi Army" There are groups of Peshmerga, Shia and Sunni in uniform but assuming that their primary loyalty is to the Iraqi state is a foolish thing to do.

    However, addressing the real issues down south would mean acknowledging that removing Saddam from power without a workable plan to keep the lid on an unstable grouping of people who don't like each other was a very, very stupid thing to do.
  5. How about this for a radical solution: Put Saddam back in power because it looks like his method of government is the only one that actually worked in Iraq and he did manage to keep the mad mullahs of Iran in check. Seems to me that Human Rights, Democracy and the Middle East are incompatible concepts. Might actually clear a few Shia heads if we even hinted at Saddams return to power.
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    But you're just a Cpl, you can't make that kind of decision...

    PS. I think it is "take off and Nuke the entire site from orbit..... It's the only way to be sure!", according to the note I found rolled up in my annorak's hood

    No offence...
  7. The dropships grounded due to lack of spares, its radios don't work and it's vulnerable to small arms fire beacuase the government won't pay for fuel additives...
  8. Hmmm. I seem to remember one or two(million) people kicking that idea around at the time. :roll:

    Maybe trying to maintain a viable Iraqi State is no longer possible but as you say, admitting so is a political death sentence. So Iraq will burn and more Brits will die because of one mans 'legacy' and uber-arrogant pride. I'd like to see him drafted and carrying out his own policy.
  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

  10. ah but we can get another one down from orbit by remote
    and as the senior military rank here I say screw this lets take off and and nuke it from orbit :twisted:
  11. Suggested by one of lads on Op Telic 5, the Park attendants course.

    We were too nice in GW2. We should have given them something to really worry about and made every single Iraqi town look like Dresden in 1945. They'd have been too busy living to waste time on Religous wars and setting bombs!
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Maybe that'll be the plan for Iran man...
  13. Bring the Lancasters out of retirement, dust off the Wellingtons boys! The Bomber Harris re-enactment society need you!!!
  14. Taking the Aliens analogy further there are some rather ironic taglines that spring to mind, such as.....

    :? These people are here to protect you. They're soldiers.
    ........It won't make any difference.

    :? Is this going to be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?

    :? It's hot as hell
    .......Yeah man, but it's a dry heat!

    :? Ho-ho-hold on one second. This installation has a substantial dollar value attached to it.
    ........They can *bill* me.
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    sheer genius that man... time fora new thread - hold on.