Radical Muslim terrorist released early. Outrage warning!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. In full

  2. I'm so outraged I've had to order a refill.
    [​IMG] :frustrated:
  3. It's a sad day when your honest British crook hasn't put scum like this in a wheelchair for the rest of his natural...

    Send laddo round here with his tanker when his done at yours, I'm all out of outrage too .... (Good name for a song/t-shirt slogan - 'All Out of Outrage'!)
  4. Couldn´t he just have "fallen" down some steps and broke his neck?

    The original sentance seems a bit weak too.
  5. once again proving how 'tough on crime tough of the causes of crime' liebour have the fate of the nation safely in its hands .... ps next for the refill please
  6. I'm going to need that tanker to stop by me if its not too much trouble.

    I can't believe we are still using our own EOD chaps when we have scum like this to utilise. Clap em in irons and when they are needed send them forward to check out that suspicious object with the small reminder "Remember you can possibly die by your own scum's bomb or you can most certainly die by a few rounds from us"...
  7. I'm willing to guess the muslim council of britain was "concerned" when this bloke was originally arrested. Not concerned at the fact the ****** is a terrorist, concerned at the fact they dared arrest a muslim!
  8. That tanker is going to be covering a lot of miles to supply the amount of outrage that will be needed, but should we be really surprised that the scumbag has been let out early?
  9. Labour releasing a terrorist early :roll: ,what a suprise,I take it a job in government is waiting for him.
  10. Mate what a stupid thing to say... They ain't ever going to give this guy a job are they now!

    Nope instead he will live in OUR country free of charge, paid for by OUR wages...

    Shave him.. and make him dance naked in cheeks every Saturday night, thats what I say..
  11. No, it took as long as it takes for the top echelons of the Ministry to read a newspaper, the blood to drain to their toes and a phone call to the idiot pretending to be a Minister. The incompetence of these people is not merely staggering, it's criminal.
  12. Do they have stairs in their prison? And should it be a requirement to have "assistance" when climbing said stairs? Three points of contact and all that?

    Health and Safety are not rude words.
  13. Once again a well considered and measured policy that has been changed to take into account the changing face of dealing with the terrorist threat against the UK and wider area...


    A bunch of inept fcuktards who havent got a scooby what the feck is going on, have slashed and cut the home office or what ever spinderrla name they want too call it, the police, the prison service and actual prisons to the bone. read the papers and suddenly had a opps moment

    its a tough call i know. :x