Radical Islamic Cleric in UK says Blair "legitimate Target

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. WTF!!!
  2. I will now be praying to my God that he dies in a burning inferno and goes to Hell.

    Oooops, that's intolerance, I'm going to jail...
  3. And Abubaker Deghayes?
  4. Roughly translated: "I'm not quite ready to shake hands with Allah myself, and besides, it may hurt. There must be some mug out there that believes this 'virgins' cr@p."
  5. Whats all this crack wit these prize virgins,

    surely they'd want 20 dirty ole sluts, give them a good time. :eek:

    Dont want to seem intollerant or racist, but I think thats what
    is wrong with muslim extremists, they aren't gettin any.
    If they got'em away everynow and then, they wouldnt be so
    highly strung :eek:

    Just a thought I appologise for any harm caused :eek:
  6. Sweet 16 is the best but i suppose the chance of any 16 year old being a virgin is pretty slim
  7. Cant believe no-ones said anything about that!
  8. Alright then I will.

    Of course it's not justified, no suicide bombing is. Blair might be a muppet, but letting people think that terrorist attacks on British soil are acceptable need a smack in the mouth, shortly before being thrown out of the country.
  9. Even on our mate Tony?
  10. Not even him.
  11. The chance of a slim 16 year old virgin around here is very slim indeed. :wink:
  12. I'm kidding of course, I agree. Its Galloway who should get it. Hang him for treason.
  13. Thought they meant Galloway again until they said "islamic cleric" and not "Pathetic window-licking commie"