radical change



I have not served in the Corps for a few years, but reading the posts, it sounds as though you are an unhappy bunch, especially when it comes to trades.
We need to keep up with changes in technology, but why does the Corps have trades like a Dvr to rum the MT, A liney to lay the cables, A pwrman to look after gene's and power radio ops and RR ops to do radios, then data ops to run keyboard, and computers etc and techs to fix things. it generally worked in "the old days of the 70's and 80's.


Fair play on that comment, but as for people who served in the corps during the 70s & 80s like myself, well not the 70s but in the 80s it was a totally different and better army, all this equiptment care and health and safety was not heard of, if you fell of an armoured vehicle and broke a bone you just went and got it sorted out, not like todays army where they carry out investigations even if you fart in an incorrect manner  ;D
but like everything else times do change, and not always for the better  :(

The Corps for years to come will still bicker about different trades and to finish on this one.



i didn't think the words Radical or Change were in the Corps dictionary?


The main reason for the lack of direction, purpose and morale in the Corps has largely been due to the "social engineering" of the various mainstream tubes who tend to run things in the Corps.

How many Trade Restructuring initiatives have we had in the past 15 years? Moving from a purpose built site in Catterick to Blandford? The Training Gap of a few years back which has followed through the ranks ever since and not to mention the horlicks that was Pay 200 - leaving many of our soldiers valued less than the average Cabbage Mechanic - criminal.

Now the latest...slinging cash and FRIs around in order to stem the tidal brain drain out to Civ Div. That'll be a winner then. have and have nots.

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