Radical Atheistic Fundamentalists.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Wija, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. An athest counrty could be more susptable to terrorist attacks by muslim extremists we have to keep the cross s up for national security.
  2. Any examples of atheists blowing things up in the name of atheism? No? Well then bring on the atheistic state.
  3. Erm , aethiests have fork all to do with any of the cases hes using as evidence.

    Hes mistaking Political correctness with aethiesm surely :roll:
  4. good point
  5. Ever tried using a dictionary Mr Tongue? :roll:
  6. I proberly should spell check thats true. Why out of all my badly spelt posts do you highlight one that is correctly spelt?
  7. Hello _Artemis_,

    the Nazis were atheists and had a habit of destroying churches and killing people amongst other things.
    The Soviet Socialists,Chinese Communists and many others did the same.
    Similar things went on during some of the French revolutions,they had so many,I forget which.

  8. I think he may have been referring to your name Mrciviytoungue,i could be wrong?!
  9. Oh it was just initally he quited the words "good point" but then edited it. I supose not spelling my name was slack I knew it did not look right. In a sense its more representive of my posts by being wrong it would almost be missleading to be spely correctly as the following post surly would not)
  10. I'm an Atheist, I've commited no crime! Well, nothing to do with churches, Christmas and nazis at least.
  11. Hey T6 - "in the name of atheism" rather than "in the name of Nazism, Socialism or Communism".
  12. Hello _Artemis_,

    too many years have passed since I studied French revolutions but I seem to remember there being a major drive to wipe out religion.
    No doubt there is someone here with a better knowledge of European history.
    As for the National Socialists,Soviet Socialists,Communists etc.,could we agree on "in the name of atheistic ideologies" but not "in the name of atheism"?

  13. Hey there T6 -

    There certainly was a serious move to wipe out religion, but IIRC that was due to its associations with class and oppression of the poor (and so was really a class struggle, not a religious one). Ditto for the Nazis and Commies - their raison d'etre wasn't atheism qua atheism. Still don't see anyone blowing stuff up because of atheism as a primary goal rather than as an accidental by-product.
  14. The Crusaders were Christians and had a habit of destroying mosques and killing innocent people.
    The Spanish Inquisition had a habit of torturing and burning people alive in the name of "God"
    Some fundamentalist christian "Pro lifers" have a habit of murdering doctors who practice abortion.
    Women in many parts of the middle east lead lives full of fear and oppression, as third class citizens.....just a few random examples all in the name of religion.

    need I go on?

    The Nazi's, Soviets, Chinese, and French revolutionaries didnt commit all their atrocities in the name of atheism, they did it because of lust for power and control over their fellow man.