Radiation Risk Assesments

Does anyone have a risk assessment that I can borrow/copy?
Leaflet 19 Annex A to JSP 392 is exactly what I am after but I cannot amend it with local information. My computer skill are limited so starting from scratch would be very time consuming. I type with 2 fingers.

Cheers msr, the original doc I have, I just couldn't amend it. Did your copy originally have the picture in the first box? Apart from that its ideal.
Apologies, when you said you wanted to modify it, I thought you were going to strip out all the old content.

You won't be able to modify the original, because it is a pdf file, which cannot (easily) be changed. Unlike a word document which can easily be edited.

Mit pic:




The last was was 100%, the alterations I was looking at was unit title, quantity held, risk assesment No etc.

Ps I will be even more impressed if you also have the SUSAT one.

Many Thanks
Give me a few minutes.

I hope your hands reach to the very bottom of your pockets the next time the SSAFA collection tin comes by ;)

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