RadFems- Men! Defend your gender!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sazzz, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. I have nothing wrong with feminists. In general. But these fucking bitches are hilarious.

    One of them actually believes all men are paedophiles, and another that men should be put in concentration camps. You can get some right gems of quotes from them. Anyways, let the trolling begin!
  2. It seems they have raised two good points so far.
  3. Where do you find the nerves & time to read through these sad excuses of lives these women seem to lead?
  4. Are they all hairy lesbians?
  5. Radical feminists? I take my hat off to them... they hate that.
  6. Whilst opening a door for them.They hate that as well.
  7. RVA

    RVA Swinger

    Misandrists, and none-too-well-balanced ones at that. Some minimum-effort C&P;

    Misandry (pronounced /mɪˈsændri/) is hatred of men or boys. Misandry comes from Greek misos (μῖσος, "hatred") and anēr, andros (ἀνήρ, gen. ἀνδρός; "man")

    So there you have it.
  8. Fucking fruit loops

    insane; demented; crazy.
    1. not sane; not of sound mind; mentally deranged.
    2. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a person who is mentally deranged:
    3. utterly senseless:
    5. characteristic or suggestive of fruit loopery; wildly or recklessly foolish.
    6. designated for or used by the mad:
  9. Whilst having a dick. They hate that the most.
  10. These people are pathetic, they just sound needy, desperate and unloved.

    I reckon a one night stand is exactly what they need. All of them, even the fat ones
  11. I ended up debating with some of them, which just produces comedy gold IMHO
  12. thank fuck i thought i was doing something wrong that women hate me
  13. A quick perusal of their forii indicate the only people they really hate are themselves.

    One whines that she was with a bloke for a year, before he decided to give her an orgasm? What? Kick him to touch them love. Have a bit of self-respect.

    Likewise, one claims a man texted her months after promising to call her... and she didn't just say 'fcuk off'.

    Mad women the lot.
  14. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    what do you say to a bird with a black eye? shut up and dont make me tell you again.

    what do you say to a bird with two black eyes?? you shouldnt have to say anything...you've just told her twice, after all.