Radcliffes split times for the first 20 miles in New York

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gobbyidiot, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Her mile splits - 5:42, 4:59, 5:31, 5:16, 5:31, 5:16, 5:21, 5:28, 5:27, 5:15, 5:34, 5:20, 5:29, 5:27, 5:38, 5:49, 5:16, 5:19, 5:26, 5:35.

    She can run twenty miles at a pace faster than a lot of people can manage one mile.

    Puts fitness tests into perspective, doesn't it :D

    And isn't there a little sexist bit of you that thinks, "No f*****g way is any woman going to run away from me. Obviously I could run a 2:20 marathon if she was setting the pace"!
  2. WTF was she doing in the 16th mile? Lazy bint!
  3. Two possibillites occur to me:

    1 she stopped for a dump again (this time the glove has not appeared on e-bay)

    2 look here Course profile
  4. Very fast times, something to aspire too.

    Jim_Karna, I think it's possibility number 2.
  5. Yup that's a pretty impressive display of running ability,it may suit her well should she join the French army but unfortunatly there's A bit more to soldiering than being able to run fast on road's.
  6. What about the last 6 miles?
  7. except shes got asthma so i doubt she would get in.
    and i reckon being a world leader in the marathon pays well enough.