I belive that my health has suffered at 17!!!!  Since arriving I have developed a loathing of the outdoors and any form of physical training.  My condition means that through the week I remain in my surgery working.  Only at the weekend do I venture out and shortly after I do I begin to stagger, slurr my speach, talk bollox and often find that my german improves.  The next day I suffer blinding headaches, nausea and light aversion that lasts for several hours.  I have also experienced sexual disfunction and a inability to trap that is only solved by returning to uk.  Do you think this is due to the posting or do you think it is down to the bed wetting!!! ??? ??? ???
Forget Adventure Training,
Whenever it is raining,
Or snowing, or the sun is much too hot.

For marching in the heat,
Can cause blisters on your feet,
And other dreadful problems, like black spot.

And skiing in the snow,
As everyone must know,
Is slippy, and can cause some nasty bumps.

Just as climbing silly rocks,
Can cause damage to your socks,
And canoeing is a sport for fools and chumps.

Much better you remain,
Tied there by ball and chain,
At your chairside, with your high-speed drill in hand.

For " Ex dentibus" and " ensis",
Means I`m in loco parentis,
And your duty is to do as I command.

Let "key targets" be your aim,
And not some silly game,
As though you`re in some other branch or Corps.

On the fitness of your station,
Stands the fate of our great Nation,
So come on 17, drill more and more.

As promotion you may earn,
Will depend on your return,
Unlike the RAF and RN chaps.

So a lifetime of extraction,
Will give rank and satisfaction,
So let`s drill and drill and drill, `til we collapse.
Just visiting
To all the RADC have a nice day :oops:
just as much as DMETA
GP3_Bunny said:
Take Plugh in Aldershot what a total stabbing that man has just had - another typical day in the life of the RADC, just because he does not fit the RADC small minded mould
Another one! anything to do with the poisonous little dwarf who recently left for another capbadge? It would seem that he is trying to sue/stitch up everyone who ever spoke to him during his career. HQ look forward to the solicitors letters arriving!

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