radar troops

I think, like Met and survey (also gone), radar troops were part of a close support regiment, not a separate body. Don't think there was a pre-cobra battlefield radar (as in LARGE radar - cymbelline is mamba sized).
Late 80's there was 73 (Sphinx) Mortar Locating Bty in 94 but by 90 they were distributed the field Regts, I know 26 had one

Correct Cymbaline wasn't a big radar like COBRA, not sure if Green Archer classes as medium or large

as for Met and Survey, they existed in the Locating Btys of 156, 22, 57 and Q Btys,

Met moved CS when BMETS came in and 94 disbanded in '93.

Survey stayed with the remaining Loc Btys (22 and 57) until they moved to 5 Regt when they went STA in 96/97 ??? (bearing_picket if he reads this may have more to say on that)

Might start a fight here but Field Regts didn't have Survey troops, they may of had guys who could use a director, but that isn't really survey, personally I was an old egg and bacon flan sound banger and won't get dragged into any arguements by quiche eaters over who had the finest point pencil and what colour their field briefcase was
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