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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Shortman™, Dec 11, 2005.

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  1. Hey was just wondering if this is a good trade or not, and the kind of things i would likely be doing as one. Is there alot variety and field work? and what kind of things would i be qualified to do if i left the Army?

    This past year while waiting to get in i have really gotten into doing physical training and really enjoy it and i am hoping this trade allows me to do more than sit in the back of a landrover :lol:
  2. Of course, you can put up ur 12x12 and then get the playstation on.

    Seriously its a good trade to go into, leads onto better things and a good civilian job prospects
  3. Cool, im leaving for Basic next month so all these thoughts are creeping into my head lol. Making sure i have choosen the right job and hoping i will be working with decent enough people who arent boring cnuts. :lol:
  4. Haha playstation!?! Off a 28v gene, not likely - unless you talk to the kind ED's to provide some extra juice for some reason. A lovely 9 x 9 tent, couple of masts, camp bed, kerosine heater table and chairs will be your empire. It can be an interesting role though, keeps you busy and you'll learn to write fast :). Don't know about deployments etc but I guess you can probably be used almost anywhere. Can RadOps also be deployed as platoon signaller? Guess it's the job lite and on foot.
  5. And you are supposed to be on here giving somebody advice? A platoon signaller would be a member of the platoon... ie. Infantry. BG HQ also has Inf signallers (and I'm not knocking them) which are HQ Coy Sig Platoon. An R Sigs Rad Op should get no sharper than Bde TAC or an FAC, unless of course they are on a Bde Rebro or LO and can't map read.
  6. Was simply a question, I've been used to fill in on some inf based exercises as a supposed fill in for rifleman (ahh he's got the tac flash on his arm, give him the 351 plt siggie bitch).. Wasn't a brilliant situation... Of course a RSigs radop hasn't done cic or the rest so probably a dumb question.
    The only advise I gave was of my experience in a Rad det for a TN, with a 9x9, crap gene and bleeps galore.
  7. Thanks guys lol. Sounds alright to me. If it turns out shit i can always do something different i suppose.
  8. Btw, what is Bde TAC or an FAC?
  9. Oh yes..... SATCOM dets do have it hard (and its a 12x12 for them)
  10. I can't imagine the civilian job prospects that a Bowman Op would have..

    Could someone give a couple of examples?
  11. That doesn't really matter much to me, as long as i am happy doing this job for a long time
    in the Army.
  12. This a waaah! Or what?
  13. it is possible to be attched to units as a manpack signaller, for use on patrols and such. iv done it. mainly used as an ops room operator and brew maker for most of the day. but i loved it. best few months iv had so far as you got a chance to do stuff royal signals dont usually do. like following in the lads who are kicking down doors and stuff like that. the opportunity is definately there.

    as for day to day working you wont be learning anything to do with comms, you will be maintaining the wagons for some overpaid nobber to inspect. comms takes second place, so pay attention in class because "trade fade" can be embarrasing when you tip up to your unit. get your head in the books learn your stuff and get shed faced out in your unit. its a good trade, stick with it and good luck
  14. Do scaley's actually use radios ? That is talk on them ? Whenever I have worked with them they did a hell of a lot of tentage, line, commcen and setting up Div ops rooms?

    I say this as an ex- RA flaggy who spent his entire career yabbing and adhering to Pam 2, wheras I came across 2 re-badgers from R Sigs, one was stuck on a basic flags course and had to admit after 2 years in the Sigs he had never spoke on a radio and the other who whilst giving a radio check used the immortal "Over and out"

    Thisiis n't a wahhh nor is it scaley baiting