Rad Op WO1 Post (God or Devil)

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Masters, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. So who will be taking over in the throne at DST as the top Rad Op?????

    All bets are still on the Bird from MCM!!!!!
  2. Agreed. It will be her!
  3. Pure speculation - board not out till next week.
  4. She knows.......but wasn't giving anything away on the last MCM Div presentation
  5. What about NJ?
  6. ..........he's been gone too long.

    Should be. Strongest WO / SNCO I've ever met.
  7. Aye, he's a good lad, but I suppose we'll find out on Fri.
  8. I clicked onto that as well
  9. I agree should be the top WO2 who comes off the board, at least thn it will be top Rad OP.
  10. I'm sure politics will get involved again!!!
  11. -... --- .- .-. -..

    -. --- -

    --- ..- -

    - .. .-..

    ..-. .-. .. -.. .- -.--

    ... ... ... .... ..- ... ....

    hopefully my morse is still in tact
  12. Yer morse is still ok, but we can still speculate :)
  13. Fri is a little late - board results released on Thu 6 Dec at 0900. All promotion boards are now released on the first Thu of the month.
  14. What about TDT bloke?
  15. Dunno, but bumped into NJ today in Guetersloh and he's totally unaware as well.