Rad Op To Comms Op/Comms Eng

Evening all...
having re-traded to Rad Op from another trade for the pure and simple fact i wanted to get hands on with Comms/IT and then completing my Class 3, and realising it isn't exactly what i was looking for, and that my SPSO interview into the RLC was a simple wool over eyes moment as to how much Comms i'd see or actually do in this trade.. errrrr Zero (apart from driving an FFR to the servicing pit carrying an L1 service/job only to drive it back to the haz and lock it back up)....frankly i'm nothing more than a taxi (MT) at the moment and it just seems like it's not going to change, to add insult to injury i'm in a Unit that as a whole doesn't deploy!

So in order to pursue my original second choice when i joined up over 2 years ago, i'm contemplating another re-trade to either CS Op/CS Eng. Having been on arrse for a bit i've automatically used my excuse portion of common sense as many don't and searched about the two in a never ending conclusion on either Comms trade being the result!

What i would like to know, is the fact that i am a Class 3 useful in an attempt to re-trade? Is there anyone on here that has done the same and been successful? and lastly i can only presume there are similarities in terms of equipment used and work in a comms role and i'll leave to you "good" people to brief me otherwise.

You might be better talking that through with you chain of command first. Find out if you can go to a better unit with more chance of IT/Comms stuff.

It sounds like you want to go Royal Signals Comms Sys Eng rather than Comms Sys Op, as CS Op is pretty similar in the day to day in most units.
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