Rad Op/ Radio user and BOWMAN

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Cheat, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. Does any one have any info on any Radio courses with this new Bowman stuff? Any one done one?
    Trying to find some courses to go on and don't really know much about this. Is there like a 2 week course that covers X number of radios? I'd ask the PSI but he's unobtainable, and it's thursday!

    Many thanks,

    T C
  2. There are bowman courses available. Operator course lasts for 7 days ( 9 in reality as you get the weekend off) and then the Advanced user lasts for 3 weeks.

    Don't forget to bring matchsticks. It's very 'simulating' (for those of you who've been on the course, see what I did there :roll: )
  3. Thanks there Doris, I knew you weren't all bad! Are the courses run centrally somewhere do you know? Or would your district / Div do it?

    T C
  4. All BOWMAN training should now be part of the normal Regimental Signaller/ICS Op courses. The old conversion courses I believe have now stopped. I wouldn't bother doing anything more than BOWMAN lite unless you are deploying (close to deploying otherwise you'll forget what you've been taught)
  5. See what you mean. Trying to go for an extra feather in the old cap ye see... Would you really start forgetting it?

    Apart from that can anyone think of any other courses a young thrusting Infanteer can go on?

    Thanks for the help so far,

    T C
  6. Did conversion last Dec (VHF & HF manpack onlY) and I've already forgotten most of it
  7. Guess no-one told 32 Regt that before my trade course. Does this mean I'll just have to figure out Bowman on the fly if/when some arrives?
  8. ^They were going to teach BOWMAN but we've nothing to provide HF at the mo.
  9. Ah. Verstehe.

    37's Bowman still hasn't arrived anyway, so it's a good job I learnt the 320 anyhow :)
  10. They've all arrived - just someone forgot to include a battery charger
  11. What a surprise....We're getting two ACCU's for a Battalion and NO DCCU's........Weekend's are going to be so much......fun
  12. We've got no ACCUs (and have been waiting since 2004!) - got DCCUs though. Will swap two for one of your ACCUs.


    Edited owing to a visit from the Emperor Mong!
  13. You didn't expect TA to be equipped properly, did you
  14. Yes the skill fade on Bowman is horrendous, however the user guides are quite good and are on the C2DC website in PDF format if you know somebody who has access to DII.
  15. Isn't that site now on ArmyNet sharepoint?