Rad Op Class 3 Course what can I expect?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by millionwords, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. I'm due to go off and do my class 3 course in a couple of weeks,

    I'm a bit worried about it as so far I have had issues with training, or lack thereof......I KNOW its my responsibility but I have asked and asked and asked, I did my recruits course in May last year, before the training change, and still haven't done the equivalent of what was Gap training as it never got sorted out at the time..

    My fitness has really slipped because I'm so demotivated with it all and I'm worried I wont be able to hack it.

    Please don't take the piss, I really am stressed out about it all.

  2. there will be no phys on ya class 3 cse. Its all class room and practical based, then usually an excercise phase.

    Dont stress, be like a sponge and take it on.

    Where are you doing it? Swynnerton? With which regt?
  3. It's easy peasy, don't worry about it. It'll be death by slides etc while you attempt to learn how to talk again, and batco, and the rest but take it in and don't switch off.

    Practical exercise tip - Remember you'll be working on your dets in teams so can bounce problems off each other but don't stand there gassing all the time - get stuck in.

    Class room - Revise for the end test hard, but also let your hair down - you're not in recruit training anymore and should hopefully be able to get a few jars down ya neck to help stop you from stressing.

    They have a lot to teach you so very little time for PT, but if you are all monging it then standby.
  4. Thanks for the replies, I'm a little less worried about it now, fingers crossed I'll come out able to talk and newly qualified!

  5. You say Rad Op does that mean your in 33, 34 or 35 Sigs? Or has your unit not told you ur doing ICS Op class 3
  6. ICS Op class 3 course is nothing to worry about as long as you've got no problems in getting your head in your notes for an hour or so after lessons end. Or do what I did and take your notes down the pub with you.

    I did mine with 37 Sig Regt earlier in the year and the course is as described above: death by powerpoint for the first couple of days. You then start to get into the practical side which then culminates in an exercise phase at the end. Like everything else you've done in your training, put the effort in and don't mong it, and you'll get along fine.
  7. Glad you enjoyed it :D Anyone mention wether the course was better than before or not ..... It was amended/re-validated/standardised late last year
  8. There were very few people who had any experience of the course before it was changed last year, but from what I can gather the staff and us students found the course very good. For the most part it was well structured and seemed to follow a logical pattern, which from limited experience with the TA isn't always the case.

    Well it made sense to me anyway :)
  9. Thats good to know. The course was reviewed and then independently validated to ensure the content was correct (I'm not saying all the subjects are still current but its a start)
  10. I did the Rad Op Class 3 a few years ago, presumably before it was standardised. It was OK and not that taxing. Mostly classroom learning with an ex at the end where you just go through usual cam, comms, comfort and det routine. My major gripes were:

    1. Training on radio systems that either (a) my Regt doesn't use or (b) were decommissioned about 2 months after the course.

    2. Being given hundreds of pages of training materials and told to "revise that for the exam" - no indication of what we need to know for the exam - so that even blokes with Ph.D.s were struggling to work out which information was useful and which wasn't.

    However, apparently the course has now changed so all may be well. Too late for me though - I'm still crAp :roll:
  11. If you really are crap what would stop you from doing it again as a refresher ?
  12. I'm in 38 Sigs

    They haven't told me anything, I don't even know where I'm going, despite asking.

    To be honest I'm close to jacking it in all together as its been just over a YEAR since my recruits course, and every week the word on my Gap training or the equivalent is "we'll know next week" after being booked on courses, them being "canceled" but run anyway with me not on it.

    I'm in limbo, as I don't know enough of the basics to join in alot, I do try and get stuck in, but my unit are expecting me to know all sorts of stuff, despite them not getting my training sorted or just helping me out a bit at unit level.

    All I know about this course is its a trade course and I'm on it, I presumed it was for Radio Op, but I really have no idea.

    Thanks for the info though.
  13. The main problem is the course tries to achieve too much within 9 days, with soldiers getting very little time on the equipment. So they need more practice, but the kit to be used by dets is being held by regt or bde - meaning they get to use the kit infrequently.

    Don't ask me about the lack of IT training (they get it like your trade on their class 1 .. , when they are about to get their 3rd and stop working on Dets)
  14. Well I was close, I picked everyone of the neighboring units.

    I rather surprised by what you've said, I know for a fact that the BSS and class 3 course dates were sent out to numerous TA JNCO's/SNCO's/YofS within that regiment (less 93 Sig Sqn but also to many others in other NC regiments).

    This class 3 should be classed as the first week of your camp, the second week should be in November @ a camp in Scotland, where you will do your BOWMAN conversion with 32 Sigs.