Racoon Bites off Perverts Penis

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP



  2. Christ. "Pervert" is a bit harsh, no?
  3. ....Only in Russia.

    Or the Deep South. Or Wales, in fact.
  4. I had a similar incident with a beaver. 8O

  5. Christ, a racoon. I can't imagine thinking 'I'm so drunk right now I think I'll go shag that racoon'. Thats not to say that I'm against the odd human rape here and there.
  6. A mate of mine once stuck 2 fingers up a dog's arrse whilst absolutely hooned and staggering home. The silly cnut was on his own, so noone would have ever found out if he hadn't texted the 5 most used numbers in his phone with a message of admission. Emperror Mong strikes again.
  7. prude.
  8. I thought racoons only lived in North America. How did he find one in Russia?
  9. Well I'm sorry but I draw the line at Racoons!
  10. No idea but a bloke I know in Britain has half a dozen of them (he does have a wildlife sanctuary)
    The one that lives in the house is a terrifying little creature, nice natured but all teeth and claws.
    Can't see the attraction of waving your tackle at a creature with claws that sharp myself :D
  11. I bet he got laid all the time.
  12. In general best to stick to your something that at least resembles your own species, no matter what the Welsh may tell you.
  13. A bloke turns up at a farm in Wales and says to farmer "I can talk to animals through my mind". The farmer doesn't believe him, so the bloke walks upto the farm dog and frowns at him for a few minutes. He stands up and says to the farmer "The dog says he'd like a bit more water every day, and could he be allowed to sleep on the bed at weekends? He also says I don't like Pedigree, so could you get Baxters dog food instead?" The farmer is still sceptical though, so the bloke walks up to the horse, frowns at it then turns round and says to the farmer "You use this horse twice a day to pull a cart of hay up that hill over there. The horse wants a longer break though, he's getting old and his knees are suffering. He also says his saddle is rubbing on his left shoulder, and he'd like you to sort it out before your niece comes riding again." The farmer looks shocked, but still isn't convinced. The bloke starts walking towards the sheep field when the farmer jumps and says "Don't believe anything they say, they're all liars!"
  14. To coin a phrase Raccoons have been on the march through europe :p ,they are quite common in eastern and southern germany, there are 2 types the american style racoon or Waschbar and the Russian genus which the germans call Marderhund, both are classed as vermin and rabies carriers,open season all year round,Davy crocket hat anyone 8)
  15. Or Winterslow, Salisbury, Wiltshire........ :omg: