Racist Wimps

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bibo_boy, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Jeeez. What a pair of maggots. I think they deserve transfer to a sunshine prison, in South Africa maybe?
  2. And some people on this site don't advocate the death penalty?

    Funny but i don't tend to go out with an ice-pick in case i see a passing glacier or ice field , that weapon was only carried for one reason to cause serious injury or death.
  3. Always said that if you get caught with a "smoking gun" in a murder case then death seems the appropriate sentence?
  4. The bloke just convicted is the brother of a Man City footballer. Reckon he may be in for some stick in his next game
  5. At least one of them didn't waste court time and pleaded guilty. The other one tried to stitch his mate up by saying it was all him. At least one of them had the balls to stand up and admit what he had done and take his punishment.
    Regardless however, it was a terrible crime.
  6. Pretty impressive show of humanity from Anthony's family though. Personally, I'd be outside the prison ready to blow their heads off on the day they get out.
  7. I for one will be glad to see these scum off the streets as i lived not far from where this happened and saw these two thugs walking the streets as if there were gansgters....well all i can say is rot in hell scumbags and i hope big bubba meets you in the shower to give you an **** inspection of the worst kind....
  8. "I've got to forgive them, my family and I still standby what we believe - forgiveness."

    WOW! 8O What great people these are!
  9. Yet the one who "came clean" got the longer minimum term. Regardless of that, two youths went out, looked for trouble and, when they couldn't start it with abuse, started it physically. Got the odds wrong by picking on someone bigger than themselves, and just happened to have an ice pick to hand ffs! Obviously normal equipment for an evening stroll in Merseyside - perhaps the council need to improve the pavements?

    Still don't agree with the death penalty (and would rather not open that debate again here ;) ) but in cases like this, can't help wondering how a minimum sentence less than WHOLE life can be justified. HMP Dartmoor is just down the road from here - I believe it's Cat B now, but it's still a very cold, very isolated, very SAFE (for the rest of us) place, especially this time of year. Lets hope there's some old-style cons wherever they end up - the sort with some sense of decency and the will to enforce it.

    Oh, and a warden or two who're overdue a trip to specsavers :evil:
  10. According to one news bulletin I caught, somewhere along the line the prosecution/the judge accepted the claim that the pair were carrying the ice axe as a tool with which to go breaking and entering, and had no intent whatsoever to use it as a weapon. Whether this influenced the sentence, I don't know (and being an old cynic, I'm afraid whatever the correct judicial language for 'Yes, pull the other one, sunshine' is springs to mind).

    I agree about the 'whole life' term - I can't see any redeeming features in this case that suggest that either of them should ever be back on the streets (until the point where their return to said streets involves a hearse, a vicar and some chaps from the Co-Op).
  12. whatever the treatment they will get in prison,they will have a long time to reflect on whatthey have done, life will pass them by, they will get older with no prospect of family or sex life with a girlfriend, in time im sure they will consider topping themselves as they both will be coming on 50 years old by the time they get out.
  13. 307

    307 War Hero

    It states the minimum tariff for a racist murders 30 years, is it lwoer for other murders and if so why......murder is murder no matter the motivation, it still destroys peoples lives.
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Racial motivation is one of several aggravating factors which judges can take into account when they set a life sentence tariff. Yes, murder is murder, but there are differences between them. For example, if one of my children was sexually assaulted I might well decide to kill their assailant 'in cold blood' when he came out of prison. This would undeniably be a murder, but I doubt it would attract the same tariff as if I'd spotted a black guy on the street and decided to put an axe through his head solely on the basis that he was black.