Racist terms on Arrse.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 24, 2004.

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  1. Dear all ,

    I have recieved some communication, that certain terms in popular use on Arrse, may be interpreted as racist , and at odds with what British Forces represent to the world.

    Words such as Raghead, Boxhead, Septic, Spam, Sheepshagger etc etc.

    Now before we get into the "Oh my god, Arrse has fallen to the PC brigade", give it some thought.

    Yes I know we all use them, but it doesn't mean it's right or proper.

    Anyway , what is "acceptable" and what isn't?

    There are of course certain words or phrases that are obvious, but are there names or phrases which we should stop using here, even though we might regard them as simply terms of reference, with no malice intended?

    >> Out to you.
  2. Oh! God no! – Sorry that was blasphemous
  3. Is "windowlicker" acceptable? Or "sunshine bus"?
  4. I blushed when I saw the word "raghead" in a heading. SPAMs is a pretty offensive name, IMO, and one that a lilly like me would never use.

    Maybe a good test would be to ask yourself, would use a certain name to the face of an "appropriate" individual without fear of being lumped.

    But then again I am a softie.
  5. the british armies entire vocabulary , is abuse , insults , swear words , and thinly veiled threats.... we're not rascist , we'll abuse any f**ker it doesn't matter what colour creed religion disability or regiment you're in , the only people who would be offended are non militairy types or journos , and they can all f*ck off and sign on to www.handwringingtosser.com
  6. For those who would rather not go out on a limb and risk humiliation here should PM any moderator (maybe not flash though, he smells)
  7. re the link no i havent clicked on it and im not going to :lol:
    human nature being what it is , "curiosity killed the cat" when you say don't look behind you, what do you do ?... :lol:

    as to racist terms ie Raghead, bog hoppers, sheepshaggers, black people
    well ......if you use it on its own to refer to a group of people i reckon its ok and it will never go away no matter how you police it
    however when you use it with another insulting words like
    raghead cnut, black twat etc then its used as an insult shouldn't be allowed same a Argentinian footballer was booked for calling one of our players "an English bãstard" it was treated as racist in the conjunction of the words

    i call a blackboard a blackboard NOT chalkboard PC crap gets up my nose
  8. As a loyal and patriotic Septic, I would take the strongest exception to being referred to, inaccurately, as a Boxhead or a Sheepshagger.

    If such a distasteful episode happened, I would feel obliged to lodge protests, and dire threats of diplomatic intervention, with all organs of organized busybodies, troublemakers, and poke-noses having jurisdiction in the matter.
  9. Most of the words referred to in the original post are about as close as the average squaddie gets to affectionate nicknames for those unfortunate enough not to have been born British. As a patriotic Welshman I am now used to the fact that many people expect my children to bleat.
  10. Well, if the fleece fits......... :lol:
  11. Off topic posts removed.
  12. Racism, hmmmmmmmmm...
    This is silly I mean bloody hell, (opps offended Jehovah Witnesses....) what a load of shit, (opps those will colostomy bags...) if I thought it was then bugger, (opps the gays...) it all, I’d say to all you tw*ts, (sorry ladies...) but for god sake, I mean Jesus H Christ, (sorry Christians...) what sort of moron, (opps there goes the mentally retarded...) decides what is acceptable to the great unwashed masses...(oh no poor peeps....)

    Oh well I'm off to hell......
  13. If the politically correct crowd force their will onto ArrSe then surely most posts here will look like:

    The ******** **** was ***** and anyway I've seen ******** ****** Baa Baa **** in my ******** sloppy seconds with a ***** ******* ****** you ***** OK ?

    if some nancy boy or girl finds ARRSE too much, Fack off somwhere else
  14. armourer I, as a delicate flower, agree!

    well said! 8)
  15. does that mean i'm no longer a sweaty???