Racist teen guilty of terror charge

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by i_love_ftorres, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. http://news.uk.msn.com/uk/articles.aspx?cp-documentid=153229043

    Hmm i'd definately not want to sit next to him on a crowded tube train.

    And if having copies of the poor mans James Bond and Anarchist cookbook constitutes 'terror documents' i was lucky as a 12 year old schoolboy not to be doing a long stretch at her Majesty's pleasure :roll:

    (Apologies if already posted)
  2. Why not? He looks like a streak of piss.
  3. How said the youth of today have no get up and go in them.
  4. Since when can ownership of these publications be considered a terrorist act?
  5. They could have let them "do someone in" before they nicked them...
  6. It's a thought-crime.
  7. Thats exactley what I was thinking, theyre freely available on the net. Seems the new terror laws cover all things and everything
  8. Well I've gone and done it, I'm currently having a read of an online copy. I'm just waiting for the door to be kicked in and to be hauled off somewhere with a black bag over my head.
  9. It's having the publications and intending to do something about it ie in this case Snr had the ricin.
  10. But with the books the idea is mainly the improvisation of explosives / weapons etc I know the guy had ricin which made it a credible threat but you could concievably be arrested for being in possesion of the literature and a tin of custard powder ( which can also be turned into explosive) or 1001 other innocent objects.
  11. Reasonable suspicion
  12. Sarcasm clearly doesn't work over the medium that is an internet forum.
  13. Just as well he didn't vandalise a war memorial with terrorist graffiti or he'd really be in trouble.... oh... wait???
  14. Can see you lot being quite so laid back if a couple of muslims were found with ricin, pipe bombs a couple of IED manuals and
    a violent manifesto.

    Conclusions drawn.
  15. Have you read the 'IED manuals' in question Micawber? Erm no i thought not. Why don't you have a quick google search for the Anarchist cookbook and see how hard it is to get hold of this 'terrorist document'. That's the point in question. I'm not denying that he should be doing time for producing ricin, we all have hobbies but hey. But since when did these easily obtainable downloadable pdf files become an 'IED manual'!?! I'm sure the Taliban would be nowhere without the 'Jolly roger cookbook'? :roll:

    Besides shouldn't you be off posting on cageprisoners.com forums or suchlike?