Racist Stores Staff

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ironrations, Sep 26, 2005.

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  1. I went in the other day to exchange some boots (Size 10) the other day and the woman behind the counter gave me an evil and shouted "Jews out!"

    Who should I see about this, and how did she know my religion?

    Has anyone else suffered this kind of abuse?
  2. They do say the old ones are the best...... but this one is even older than that!
  3. Now I'll have to go elsewhere for my fun!

  4. I'm sure if you started some fun with something original that we hadn't heard a hundred times before we could all join in the fun.... but that?
  5. I find this kind of "humour" uncomfortable, having had a relative die in Treblinka.
  6. My uncle died at Auschwitz.

    He fell out of a guard tower and broke his neck.
  7. Perhaps he shared a watchtower with mine!
  8. I was here first you rude cnuts
  9. Bravo_Bravo. Ironrations wasnt making a Holocaust related joke, neither was there any insult to the Jewish race, he simply dredged up the oldest stores related joke in existance. I'm sure there was no intention on Ironrations part to mess with anyones sensitivities.

  10. Whats that noise I can hear in the distance?
  11. Fcuking bad taste one then.
  12. I am laughing my ass off! I spend all of 10 seconds of my time trying to get a decent Wah, and then you cnuts hijack it, and we get some guilt thrown in too. Priceless!
  13. I need to have a chat with myself. I dont usually come into boards apart from the naafi with my "wah armour" on. I still stand by my convictions, a holocaust inspired wah is in fcuking bad taste and i care not that i fell for it. Your cnuts and are going to hell.
  14. Now that is funny! Someone complaining that a 'Wahhh' is in bad taste with a couple of skeletons engaged in a blowjob in his signature.... now that's priceless!