Racist postmaster wages war against MoDeRn briTaiN

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. In full


    And just for Sven
    And for me..

  2. The most shameful thing is that it takes an immigrant to speak out about this.
  3. Where you been for the last few years Smartas?
    Loads of people have been grumbling about these issues for donkeys.
    Except they are all labelled racists aren't they?
  4. my local Pakistani shop owner is allways ranting that the commonwealth should re-build as an economic and military power bloc. bloody imperialist.
    I agree with him.
  5. So when Mr. Patel's granny, who was 70 when she left India to live with her grandson and has no desire to learn a word of the Queen's English in the few years remaining to her, goes in to buy some stamps, this superstar will tell her to do one?

    I wonder if he'll have to play the race card to get his job back when the Post Office sacks him for breaching the terms of his contract.
  6. You anti Imperialist pr1ck, get back to your socialist worker circle jerk, he is a proud product of the Empire.
  7. Keep the wisdom of this idea in mind the next time you're abroad in a place you don't speak the lingo and you can't do anything because some bright spark over there has had the same idea.
  8. I didn't realise this thread was in the NAAFI as well. In that case, I suppose I should call you a hermer or a mong or something, if I could be arrsed.
  9. I posted it in the NAAFI as well so see you there :wink:

  10. I sincerely bloody hope so. Good on him.
  11. Christ, I've been called out. On the internet.
  12. So NAAFI then or are you intent on cluttering up CA with your New Labour BS? :wink: :lol:
  13. Is this the first example ever of a poster crayoning over his own, supposedly serious, thread?
  14. Not really, I could name a dozen examples, I posted the thread in response to the BMP types who crop up, what I didn't expect was an anti British Imperialist to appear.
  15. Are they the fascists who drive Ruskie APCs around the park chasing the black kids?