Racist GQT?


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Dr Ben Pitcher senior lecturer in sociology at Westminster University has complained that Radio 4's Gardner's Question Time is racist with racial meanings disguised as horticultural advice mentioning "pure soil and invasive species" is saturated with racist views and to quote the good Dr it represents "the crisis in white identity in multicultural Britain".

So is there a possibility that we have a few gardening types chanting " hogweed go home" and planting BNP approved flowers?
Surprised to know there is such a thing as a purported "Westminster University". Are you sure it's not a foreign language summer school?
"It's these invasive foreign plants coming in and taking our daffodils jobs" allegedly.


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Jarrod obviously has more time on his hands than I do and should be more specific, time for interview sans coffee.
Ah the pseudo intelligentsia, always reliable. They have always been big on persecution in one way or another, but FFS....Gardeners question time!??!
Mind you Dr Pitcher may have some good in him, he wrote a piece called "The Cultural Politics of being a Knob" a psychoanalytical appraisal of one J.Clarkson.
I was thinking of planting some curly kale seedlings and shaking the seed out of my Himalayan poppies this afternoon, but I will now go to the Haig court and turn myself in!

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