Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LawyerSquaddie, May 2, 2005.

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  1. I have just read one of those neo-Nazi racist gobsh1tes (sorry, websites).

    Nothing special in how illiterate, ignorant and base I found their views (which they are totally entitled to hold, of course).

    BUT, I found a whole thread of messages dedicated to how Pte Beharry VC got his award solely due to the fact that he is black, and not for his courage under contact.

    I am seething with rage. Would post the website address, but do not think the Mods would allow that.

    Rant over.
  2. Post it and find out. The links to the BNP website stayed. If your unsure PM a mod
  3. Linking to the site would be relevant, if worried post it in the NAAFI where more or less anything goes.
  4. Small-minded wa^kers!

    I don't think Pte Beharry needs us to defend his dignity though. It is clearly beyond the reach of such people!
  5. Points of view?
  6. Marxist Liberal :?: Mutually exclusive, methinks...

    Edited to say: I've skim-read a few more posts & can't believe the amoeba-like brain power of the posters who agree that it was a PR stunt. There's no point in posting rebuttals to their opionions as they are pig-headed fools with no desire (nor I doubt the ability) to debate this issue. Agreeing with Hellfyyr: Pte. Beharry VC does not need anyone to defend him as anyone who doubts him being deserving of this award is beneath contempt.
  7. I'm always amused at the command of the English language demonstrated by such supposed 'English patriots'.

    P.S. I guess political philosophy is not one of their strongpoints, DozyBint! ;)
  8. What a bunch of ill-informed, un-educated complete and utter choppers.
  9. DB: Not necessarily. Marxism is opposite to Capitalism as Authoritarianism is opposite to Liberalism. So you can have a liberal marxist (though I can't think of a convenient example) or an authoritarian type (Soviets under Stalin).

    If it helps, think of economic policy running along an x-axis (from Capitalism to Marxism) and control freakery running along a y-axis, starting at Anarchy and ending at Big Brother.

    And if the above seems like complete tosh, it's been too long since I studied political theory.
  10. Erm, I studied Politics for several years too! I would argue that you can be a liberal (small "l") within the Marxist ideology as you can be a conservative (small "c") Marxist but you cannot be a Marxist Liberal or for that matter a Liberal Marxist. :wink:
  11. Ah but are you taking about Classic Liberalism, Modern Liberalism, Neo-Liberalism, i could continue... but wont.
  12. "Popular front of Judea??"
  13. Good, because all of my reference books are in storage 7,000 miles from my location & I can't rely on my memory to supply the pertinent information on demand any more! (I blame my age & my alcohol consumption! :wink: )
  14. Juvenal,
    Way to go off thread... :roll:

    I am with you baby!
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