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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Danny_Dravot, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. I've noticed of late, that a few posters have got serious issues with race and equality,

    the 2 that spring to mind are rear_admiral and neggers_scheggers. maybe one and the same??

    There is no place for these idiots in our army, and i would say there contributions aren't welcome here either?

    What can be done about them?

    can they be deleted, awarded a special Arrse "racist tw@" medal, although i would argue that this plays directly into their hands, or if somebody know who they are, can they be named and shamed?

    what are fellow arrsers thought on these?
  2. Racism is wrong. Full stop. However, we must not be totally PC that we cannot mention race, or highlight differences in races. This applies equally to gender, religion, sexual orientation etc. It is the differences between us all that makes life interesting - just imagine how much fun ArRSe would be if we all had the same thoughts and beliefs. I think it would die a death.

    So to sum up - Racism is wrong, highlighting differences is OK.
  3. Goon_bde, don't forget that the site rules forbid naming anyone who is not already in the public domain, no matter for what reason.

    As for racialist tendencies, again the site rules are very clear. If these members don't break the site rules then isn't it just a difference of opinion?
  4. I hear what you're saying, but I do think that the general reaction of other posters to overtly racist posting is not only amusing, it's indicative of the greater mentality.

    Virtually nobody on ARRSE likes the PC industry that forces us all to focus on what makes us different, rather than the same. On the other hand, most ARRSErs seem to follow a fine Army tradition of judging people on, to quote Dr. King, "the content of their character, not the color of their skin."

    The truly racist posters are exercising their democratic right to act like cnuts in a public forum. We exercise our right to inform them that they are, in fact, cnuts. Free speech in action!
  5. You will always get cases of this, and only by letting these people know that everyone thinks that they are tw@ts will anything change. A lot of people are very brave on the internet (myself included), and say things that they would never say in the real world.

    These people are their own worst enemy. The examples you show are two illiterate mongs who have posted text free from any thought, humour or evidence of an IQ above 60. By letting them rant the MODs allow these peoples' true colours to show (no pun intented). Given the quality of their posts, do you think that they will be recruiting people to their cause? A parrallel would be Rev Ian Paisley: despite being a "staunch Loyalist", he was/is the best recruiting machine the IRA ever had, and did more to turn moderate nationalists into fierce republicans than any speach of Gerry Adams et al.

    Maybe the MODS could add an 'Oxygen Thief' lable to such people, and I would prefer that people ignore the purile effluence that they spout.
  6. Simply brilliant.....i'll get my coat!
  7. Much better to let them state their case* and have it thouroughly demolished by the rest of us. I think a racist badge would be redundant and you are right, they would wear it with pride.

    Rather than editing out these views it is better to show the younger members of this site that they are unacceptable, ludicrous and irrational.

    * Not that they often do state their case, prefering to cut and paste others words and give the occasional snide one-liner.
  8. Get a grip FFS....

    The issue of racism is one we deal with on a daily bases. If someone says something you find offensive tell them, there tends to be a very vocal grouping when they pop along, they don't stay long and most of their sh*te is hacked when a Mod sees it.

    Racist and trolls DON'T FEED THE FUKCERS........

    But know/learn/recognise the difference between racism, racial banter and PC gone mad please or we'll all be back slapping and telling three white men of similar origin in an undisclosed location jokes......

    Beebs x
  9. I never used to be racist, but i sort of am now -

    i am sick to death of this PC crap. i am Sick to the soul that the ethnics in my town can fly thier flags and take over an old pub and make it into an ugly mosque, and my local White chippy isnt allowed to fly the flag of St George on St Georges day for fear of an ASBO.

    I am sick to death of the fact that we as a nation now let anyone in and issue them with a free house and sky TV, a microwave and furniture...

    i am sick that i cant celebrate Christmas - for fear of upsetting muslim/jewish/insert religion/athiests

    When i was discharged from the army i was homeless. i got into a homeless unit and eventually a unfurninshed council flat - but only with the help of the RBL. i had to apply for a Crisis loan to buy furniture - and white goods / applicances..

    my applicaiton was turned down and a smaller loan granted, i wasnt allowed a firdge - unless i was a diabetic. i was a allowed a carpet but only because i have mobility problems, but only for the living room and master bedroom. i wasnt allowed a washing machine, i could wash by hand, i wasnt allowed a microwave, only a simple cooker, i wasnt allowed furniture - except 1 arm chair beause i have mobility problems, and i was allowed 1 bed.

    I think being a white person in TOGI is now so Negative PC that i dare not speak to people for fear of upsetting one of them and landing a ASBO

    Racism is bad. so i ageism, sexism and any other isms you care to mention, but i do believe there is now so much PC bull fodder that even my coloured friends are embarrased for white people.

    Who said britian is multicultural? when was that decided? did anyone ask me if it was ok?

    Why do you think the rest of Europe let immigrants stright through - they know we will ave them, and let them in, and allow them to choke the NHS and Housing.

    Sick to death, i really am.

    And then some one starts to do something about it and theres an uproar - FROM WHITE PEOPLE!

    Thats the bit i dont get..... White people who bring it to the forefront !

    Wheres the Law that protects me? why are there parts of Sheffield i cant go because i am white?

    Done now. kill me.

  10. None of the above is racist, it's an opinion. Not once was there an attack on a group due to their colour, religion or origin. Mr Rince, you may live!

    Racism is created by inequality. To facilitate it you have to remove the level playing field and begin selective protection of rights of groups at the expense of others.

    This is the NAAFI and this is too serious.

    Beebs x
  11. So people that you don't like or agree with should be deleted !!!! how do you want to delete them ? gas chambers ? you sound like a nazi to me.

    I don't ask for all dickheads like you to be deleted do I ?

    Now f*ck off

    Have a nice day y'all.
  12. I have to agree with Rincewind on this one. The law should apply to everyone regardless of colour, creed and sexuality. There is a part of sheffield that i occassionaly drive through that is predominantly asian, every shop etc is asian. Why do i feel uncomfortable about driving through there? Because when i do, invariably my car is spat at....by an asian. Is this a racial offence? probably not as i am white, they are black..however if i was to spit at them i would be in court faster than i could say St George.
  13. Rincewind, I totally know where you are coming from.

    Although, Crisis Loan? Luxury!! I was not entitled to one because i wasn't entitled to income support. Why? oh, silly me, i made the mistake of working my entire adult life before i got sick. Therefore, not entitled to income support, no free furniture, no free prescriptions either So, along with the fact i was on about 30 tablets a day, twas a bit pish. The RBL assisted me too. They bought me a fridge, a cooker and a sofa to sit on. And they were totally supportive.

    I do remember the first time i managed to get out of hospital and into the social security office. I had made an appointment for them to check my forms as they would not even look at it without an appointment. I turns up, i ask where i have to go, i am told it is simply at the counter in the main room, with everyone else listening and sat about 3 ft away. Whilst said interview is taking place, an eastern european of romanian origin also had an appointment for his forms. He is led through to the comfortable offices behind the glass so he can discuss his needs and what exactly the benefits system can offer him. All with dignity and in private so it doesn't infringe on his human rights.


    I am fed up to the back teeth of being penalised for not being of different ethnic origin, or a minority of some kind. I've decided to become an asylum seeker. As a Viking, i should be entitled to something, anything, cos i am entitled to bugger all now.
  14. if you're spat on, it's assault, if you're spat on and racist language is used, irrespective of your colour/creed it is aggravated racial assault (exact charge escapes me...??) how many times have you reported this to the rozzers?

    mrs goon was driving through town recently when she was the victim of a road rage type serial. the assailant was an asian taxi-driver and used the phrase "stupid white b!tch" or words to that effect.

    Now, he may have had a point, but this was a racial attack. Mrs Goon made no hesitation in contacting the polizei who took the whole incident seriously and i believe gave the offender an official caution.

    too many times white people are victims, but in true englishness, we never complain
  15. I like to think of myself as a non racist. I tend to look at everybody as a human being regardless of colour or race. The only time I look at them any other way is when they give me grounds to do so. There are good and bad in every race and you have to admit there are plenty of English people who are just as bad.