Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. At this time of the morning, my tired grey cells wander towards the concept of breakfast. Full English breakfast, English breakfast ( excuse me, if anyone ever offers me a Continental Breakfast the best they are going to get at this time of the morning is a sneer.) ....but why? Is a Scottish, Welsh or Irish Breakfast in some way inferior? Like a French one?
  2. Welsh breakfast, fried LAVERBREAD with bacon eggs and toast.
  3. Yes, that do be tasty!

    Edited to add: What's the difference between Tom Jones and Frank Sinatra ( apart from longevity!) ?

    Frank: Doobeedoobeedo
    Tom: I do be going down the shop.
  4. Yes' if you mix the laverbread with oats and cockles, fried in butter EMMMMMM I was in the Gower yesterday so it's all fresh, am heating the pan as we speak
  5. Lacky bagger!
  6. Have you not heard of an Ulster Fry?
  7. Isnt that just a full english with the addition of fried soda bread?
  8. The Scottish breakfast, yes. Quarter inch thick slices of what might be described as spam, meatloaf I think you cabertossing skirtwearers call it, fried of course, along with the bread, and on a lucky day, black pudding. Heaven, topped off with a steaming mug of tea!!!!
  9. F**&^%$£$%^ I just dribbled butter all over my laptop
  10. I still prefer the true Continental breakfast: a roll in bed with a little honey.
  11. SEX the breakfast of champions
  12. Champion - The Breakfast of Dogs

    Brought to you by the Makers of Pedigree Pal
  13. surely the full english should now include curry/pierogi/kakoolies. :? :? :? :?
  14. Although I'm not a huge Meatloaf fan, his music is pretty sh!t, I've never seen him fried and served up for breakfast. Although he was roasted and eaten in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  15. Look Janet, I'm not afraid of being called retarded, Baby Eddie was my pal, but I'm having none of this. I know that the general Northern proto-gays ( Bonnie Prince Charlie .... anyone want to take issue with that?) do what I would call a tidy slap-up start to the day involving something which does look like a cutlet sliced off a septic's buttock. Called, damned right, I knew I was mistaken when I typed the 1st time