this is my first post but ive been followin the forums 4 a while i want to join the army infantry jus wonderinn if there is any racism
Hi this isnt my first post, are there any racists in civvy street?

If there are then theres probably a couple in the army too.....
I myself had not had any issues, nor seen any.. not even heard of jokes really :) you'll be fine :)

*however I did think your nick said 'Yom-Mom' hehh which is why it drove me in here as I did not think chicks could join inf, but now I have glasses I can see your nickname states 'yom-mon'
I'm in a TA unit, here in Northampton I was joined to the Gren Guards back in 1998..and like I said I did not see or hear of any hassle like you think.. you might get :)
If you do, report it! is my best option, we have a couple of asain lads in the TA unit.. They do pretty well and get along with everyone as does everyone else :)
yom-mon said:
yes but to what extent
Probably to a similar extent to that which you'll find in civvy street.

The army is made up from civvies. Their attitudes are not issued at the clothing store. People will be more likely to judge you on your actions, not just here but anywhere.

Just remember, a man who hates everyone cannot be a racist
yom-mon said:
nice one thanks
So did you enjoy your first set of posts :)
I'm kinda new myself, everyone is pretty cool..

Enjoy your stay & you should check out the IRC room (can get a bit mad in there sometimes) but still a great laugh :)
check your Pm's Yom_mon
Racism, Sexism, whatever, there is no place for it in the Army. However remember there is a fine line between abuse and fun, if and when you find you cant laugh at a certain remark, joke, slagging anymore then before rushing off and complaining think about how it was delivered and recieved. In my time in the Army I have not really seen/witnessed any racism, I have however seen squaddies being squaddies which could in many situations be taken totally wrong by onlookers. Some of my very best friends are black and Asian. If the day ever came I cant give them some shi!t due to our different features,colour,race or creed, and likewise they cant give me some stick for my small white penis amongst many other shortfalls I apparently have then maybe the Army isnt for us.
Be aware the Army can appear a cruel place to civvy`s, but believe me you will meet people you didnt think could exist and friends you really could trust with your life, maybe not your wife, but definatly your life!!
Good Luck, dont be a civvy all your life be brave join the Army and be the best!

Note to self....... Little bit cheesy toward the end Marky!
Aslong as there is human beings alive there will always be sad racist fools...In my experience I haven't heard any at all though..
yom-mon said:
ye i m not really one to take stuff seriously anyway but just heard some rumours but i guess rumours arent usually true ne way
lololo... depends on who started the rumour I suppose... Mate you will be fine!
Are you a cadet at the moment yom-mom?
Regrettably I have come across it on rare ocassions but thankfully the individuals responsible were all dealt with properly (ie through displinary action and subsequent dismissal).
Yom Mon, I've not witnessed any Racism in the 15 years i've been in, However Ginger people tend to get a lot of Sh*t!
As long as you bring your sense of Humour you'll love army life.
If you join the RMP's you'll be known as a Monkey, this is not ment racially! LOL

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