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This question probaly gets asked alot but had a search and couldn't find anything so sorry if this has come up tons before.

Me and a friend are planning to join the Anglians in September were both looking very much foward to it however i've heard (not confirmed) that the army is still very/quite racist from various sources/people and seeing as my friend is mixed race I don't want him to join up if hes constanly going to get abused and be made to feel like sh*t as he can take a joke but thats about it with regards to the matter. I realise racism occurs everywhere but honestly is it alot worse/very bad in the army?

Your mate will get no worse treatment than someone with ginger hair, and the army hates gingas!

In all seriousness, if he pulls his weight and gives his best effort and gets involved with the lads, he'll have no more problems than anywhere else.

Good luck to you both!
The Army is no more or less a place for racism than any other job in the UK simply because people are people regardless of their job choices- some will always be more narrow minded than others.
The difference being that the Army has a total zero tolerance policy on it. If anyone is found to be racist, verbally or otherwise, it is NOT allowed and that person will be on their arrse.
He is no more likely to be abused for the colour of his skin than a ginger speccy lad will for his appearance.

OK, thats a lie- he is a LOT less likely to recieve abuse than a ginger speccy lad! :D
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