Racism question. Help needed to clear up a question.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 15, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know if Under British law, something is racist if /anyone/ thinks that it is. I.e. under British law, what Red Ken said was racist because the reporter thought it was, and as such, could the reporter press charges (or at least complain about it) If so, can you point me in the right direction.

    many thanks

  2. That's pretty much the trick of it. If Feingold feels strongly enough about it - and if Associated Newspapers fancy having a bit of fun - Livingstone could be sued for a "hate crime". In these matters, the perception of the aggrieved party is the reality.
  3. Trotsky or someone better qualified than me would probably be able to give a definitive answer....however, I don't believe what he said, in terms of current law, was 'racist'. Unless the journo had believed (and could prove) that the remark had caused him some kind of mental or emotional anguish and that it was persistent or would have lead him to come to harm, I don't think the journo would have mush of a case of racial harrassment.

    Also, Livingstone didn't imply that the whole of the Jewish race acted like Concentration Camp guards, only that individual, so in that sense the remark couldn't be called racist wither.

    Please correct me if I am wrong!
  4. I think you are, in this case - in defiance of good sense, the discrimination legislation is predicated, to the best of my knowledge, on the perception of the victim, rather than any objective measure of the hurt inflicted.
  5. From a Police Website:-

    What is a Racist incident?

    A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.

    So, any of the following would be treated and recorded as a racist incident:

    A person is assaulted physically. The offender did this because they thought that person was Asian. Whether the victim is Asian or not, this will be classed as a racist incident

    The home of a Chinese male has eggs thrown at the window. The family believes the eggs were thrown because they are Chinese. Even if the police can never prove whether or not the eggs were thrown because the family is Chinese, this will still be recorded as a racist incident

    A crime is reported by a member of the public. Due to the location, the nature of the crime or from local intelligence the officer investigating believes it might be racist. This crime will therefore be recorded as a racist incident

    *********** Police is fully committed to providing the people of this county with a professional and non-discriminatory service. We aim to deliver this service in a caring and sensitive way, understanding and responding to the needs of all in the community.

    We will give high priority to all reported racist incidents

    We will continue to train our staff to understand and to be sensitive to the needs of all

    We will continue working with and developing partnerships with all ethnic minority communities and with agencies and organisations

    It is of vital importance that all racist incidents and crimes are reported so we can all work together in stamping out racism.

    Even if you do not want any further action taken, we still need the reports to gain information and to build a clear picture of the extent racist crime and who the offenders are.

    Just by making a report, you may help to stop more incidents and help other victims.
  6. Based on the contents of Oskar's post, describing what constitutes "racism" .
    is it possible that racism will ever be "stamped out"?

    The whole thing seems rather "enabling", being so broad.
  7. So let me get this right-I commit a crime.....say I get drunk, chuck a beer can at a pal and a window gets broke-some third party, totally unrelated happens to think that it is a racist crime because the occupant, whom i don't know and is away on holiday, is, for the sake of argument, asian- I then get dumped on from an even greater height. Sounds far fetched? don't bank on it not happening that way-soon we will have to prove that any crime was NOT racially motivated. Next step having to prove innocence rather than guilt!! (ps the above incident is hypothetical-even when lathered i am a dead shot with a beer can)
  8. Out of curiosity A_S, are you in trouble or has someone been mouthing off about Scots and you want to take advantage of the system? :)

    As much as they say that they give a high priority for all racial crimes, and it has been shown here that it's racist if it's taken to be by the victim, I can't help feeling that if I gt a brick through my window, if I went to the copshop round the corner and told them it's because I've got a St George cross on my wall that I'd get told to feck off and close the door on my out! :cry:
  9. He wants to blat some irrational lefties on that Urban 75 site - they're saying that what Red Ken said wasn't racist cos, well, Red Ken said it, and he is beyond reproach, cos he's a Red... a bit like the media response towards Cuban atrocities in Angola (nothing) compared to the media response to a USMC guy shooting a wounded man in an area he believed uncleared (weeks of rabid coverage).
  10. I'm not exactly 100% on what happened , but my limited understanding is that Red Ken called or likened a reporter a 'Nazi Camp Guard' or a 'Concentration Camp Guard'?

    If this is so, then despite the Jewish Reporter being offended, it is not a racist comment. It doesn't even harbour any racist overtones. It's an incredibly stupid insult as far as insults go, but it is not racist. If anyone thinks otherwise, please, without resorting to legislative quoting, tell us exactly which part of that statement is racist? Now, if he'd made reference to the man's religion, he could find himself in a rather uncomfortable situation, but he didn't.

    From what I can see, this is a case of the politically correct trying to out politically correct the politically correct.

    There's a lot of people out there who don't like Ken. Many of them are newspaper editors and they are gifted when it comes to making a story out of nothing.
  11. But he'll still have to stand up and say what part of Livingstone's statement offended him and why he percieved that part to be racist. He might have a bit of difficulty there.
  12. Buggerit
    Thanks for the concern. Stoatman answered it.

    As for someone disrespecting the scots, it only happens when we let it :wink:


  13. I can recall being on an enforcement course when the instructor asked "If an asian woman allows her dog to sh*t in the park and the dog warden pulls her up for it, is the dog warden being racist?" The answer " If the asian dog owner percieves that she is being b*ll*cked because she is asian then of course the the action is racist. Is it just me or is this total B*ll*cks?