Racism Even experts cannot agree!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. As far as I can make out if you white your a racist, if your male your a potential rapist and stand a 1 in 4 chance of being a kiddie-fiddler, and if yor not gay then you must by definition be a homophobe, good luck.
  2. Absolute bullsh1t made up by some cnut with a grudge against the police, and will probably result in millions being wasted on "equality coordinators" and diversity courses :roll:
  3. Of course the police are institutionally racist; they support this blatantly racist organisation:
  4. The NBPA cannot be racist because it is pro-black and therefore anti-white and that must equate (under the Orwelian rules in place today) to anti-racist!
  5. Sadly these comments are repeated by cowards in uniform desperate for promotion who wouldn't know a set of handcuffs if they were on his/her wrists.
  6. The diversity industry has got to keep up the pressure on the OB. It's their number one customer for the reprogramming sessions they charge a fortune for.
  7. Don't be silly,Trevor Phillips hasn't condemned it so it can't be! :wink:

    The National White Police Association,almost certainly would be.

    No,I don't get it either. :roll:
  8. Now Now

    That sounds like a negative attitude towards the brain washing sessions. Which you know means you are a sexist, racist homophobe who requires removing from the organisation.

    Now be a good man and SUMO

    Our farce decided that taking 200 officers off the streets all day in order to listen to this fella was a good idea. Naturally they all left the seminar better able to put chavs before the courts :roll:
  9. Consider me suitably chastised and no longer resistant to brainwashing. I've just got to go beat myself with my own ASP as a final punishment for my racist attitudes. :wink:
  10. Diversity/Respect/PC/Immigration Support industries are raking it in and it's big business. Social Engineering projects, funding and opportunities to get rich quick under the guise of equality, ensure none of us have any say in what's racist and what's not.

    Give up, it's now the British way, whatever "British" means nowadays. Diversity is being rammed down throats like horsefeed in a panic.

    How perfectly ridiculous we must look , abroad.
  11. Are those the same chaps who are currently experiencing accountancy 'issues'?
  12. You can't bring that up, it's racist. :wink:
  13. I undrestand that a recent internal report on police persons,suffering misconduct hearings/court cases etc,was suppressed because one of the tables showed information,based on ethnicity!
  14. Years ago an informed source revealed that the camera overseeing a memorial erected at the site of a racist attack had recorded it being vandalised. The authorities later claimed it wasn't working as this was less troublesome than the unpalatable truth that it had in fact been vandalised from unexpected quaters due to the disruption the enquiry into the original affair had caused to their activities....