Racism.... an Opinion

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by blessed baby cakes, Dec 6, 2004.

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  1. One thought, 1984 not an option, well not for me.......

    I’m sorry but to say there is a policing action on overtly racist posts will NOT make the problem go away.
    Understanding racism begins by recognising that it is a continuum that all racial groups rest on. Racism is not a dichotomy. We all see the world through a racial lens. We order, classify and value according to our worldviews. No matter how "progressive" we see ourselves, as being it is a personal issue that needs to be continually addressed.
    Seeing racism as a personal issue can help create a mindful- ness about our daily thoughts and actions. A mindfulness that helps us recognise it is a short and slippery slope to the beliefs and actions of those we'd like to think we have nothing in common with.
    To deny it’s existence and mute discussion is to perpetrate this act.

    Or do we remain muted by fear of the unmentionable to an extent we deny it's pitfalls and progressions?


  2. BBC - what does this mean in English ??
  3. Racism is all around us, it's a degree of feeling we all have, we need to know that this is what it is, to recognise it, to begin to understand it.

    Sorry I was a tad mad when i typed it, now you see why they never let me out of the NAAFI........

  4. I reckon most of us are aware of this already. I am kind of struggling to see what you are trying to achieve here, please clarify.
  5. That the action of stopping points rather than refuting doesn't help the recognition process or those undecided as to the level of racism they will tolerate in society as explained by those of us who have a level decided. Basically.

  6. Beeb you are an angle in female form you are caring and kind what’s more you through a blinding night out sadly you are tragically much more than slightly mad
  7. But at which point do you call it quits and count your loses? What makes you think ARRSE should take such an important role in the lives of people as to actually set standards and morals for them? It is a area best left, as i can think of better role models.... well, anywhere.
  8. It’s not setting up as a role model. Where was that indicated?
    It was a comment on the fact open discussion can highlight areas others may not have viewed or understood. To deny the existence of a problem is not to cure it.

  9. I've had the code books out and I think BBC means: ignoring race/religion/culture differences is probably not a good idea.

    Good point.

    Perhaps the Mods are concerned that ARRSE becomes a magnet for neo Nazi types if a race/religion/culture debate goes too deep. It might degenerate into an online Wannsee Conference. The journos would have a field year.

    Good point.
  10. I wasn't commenting on your being a role model, but more of people being role models.

    Let’s approach this from a different angle. The majority of regular ARRSE users are going to be, at least, a bit racist. All these discussions will prove is how many.... There is a problem, yes, but it isn't going to change without a massive cull of the users. You think your going to convert them?

    In the end there will be massive arguments, and the CO's will close threads again, and we are back here - only we have gone 5 steps back and a load more people have gone extremely racist.

    With the forum being a public as it is, this would be a costly exercise in more than one way.

    Do i care people on here are racist? No. They don't come here to be preached to, and people seem to keep forgetting this is "The Army Rumour Service"....
  11. Racism is not an Exclusively a White thing you know .
    Black have practicised it against Whites, chinese, and indians and the previously named groups have also practiced it against Blacks as well as each other.

    so I refuse to accept the "White man Guilt" when worse is being practiced in Africa , slavery ethnic rapes etc still goes on there (Darfur anybody?)and in other third world continents. some of which has been going onbefore we come to their shores , they merely exported the practice to other markets.
    the irony is that the British empire was one of the first nations to abolish it and yet the British is expected to feel terribly guilty about Slavery and lash ourselves silly over it.
  12. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

  13. I dont like racism, but I also feel that people should have the right to their own views, even if they are loathsome to me. As long as personal views do not interfere with ones job, or impact on colleagues does it matter?
  14. Racism is loathsome and a direct result of lack of information and education.

    That, I'm afraid is the bottom line.

  15. i suspect that the reasoning behind the trimming of posts with anything deemed racist in them, is more to do with the fact that over the last year or so this website has become a magnet for journos looking for "insider is quoted as.." type soundbites. which under the current journalistic climate, may be quite sensible, loath as i am to admit it.

    sooner the journo w**kers get the "move along, nothing to see here" message the better