Racing Spoon

What is the definitive Racing Spoon?

Do you still use one? :lol:

Mine is 70 years old, slim bright and, sharpened on one edge.


Well bugger me :D
I have a sawn-off wooden spoon, well more of a sawn-off shallow ladle.

It matches the size of me gob, the missus has just informed me.
Plastic spoon, the kind you get for soup, nicked from chinese string throu the top. Makes stuff taste better cos its stolen
Now I know :D

But how did it come about ?

Do you still have one?
I can't get wood......

but I'm still an ace porn star!


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Gundulph said:
It's got to be wood fella, unhygieneic yes! but it is traditional... 8O
Why - please explain.

If the idea is to get the scran down as fast as possible 'racing'- then it matters not if it is wood or metal. Spoons have been carried by soldiers throughout the ages - what makes a spoon a 'racing' spoon? walt-ness?


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MiB has a set of very cheap steel KFS that fasten together with a split ring (Oooooh Nurse!)

I can get through your mess tin faster than a greasy rat up a drainpipe and still maintain my dignity.
Had every type of spoon from nicked NAAFI plastic sh it to gucci titanium action form Cotswold Camping(nicked too!!!) - who cares they all do the job. Key is to remember to have one on you - don't matter what type. That said, good old fashioned stainless are good for belting each other when the boredom sets in


You've now got me out of retirement, rummaging in the loft, desperately trying to find my 'racing spoon', a rather attractive Chinese porcelain jobby, with a flat bottom and hand-painted writing on the handle, liberated from a chinky.

OK, non-tac, but what the hell, you do what you can to look civilised.
Steak, egg and chips in a mess tin all eaten with a spoon (steak like old boots) Army training at its very best not even a smear left after a combat spoon attack.
archron said:
Oh come on guys its 2009 lets get with the times, its now all about the SPORK
And how the fuck do you eat soup/range stew without it all falling off the serrated edge.

And Rainbow your so good at raising a dead post word on the street is Jack Tweedy might have a job for you once he gets out

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