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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Good CO, Apr 7, 2002.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    German Musing Cayo racing bike.  Immaculate having been bought by hopelessly optimistic would be triathlete and never used!

    20".  Shimano Ultegra throughout.  New in April 2001.  [​IMG]

    Paid £1022 (with VAT. Reduced as 2000 model). Accept £650.

    North Yorks.
  2. I used to have a racer....god!! the amount of times i have to repair a puncture,never again  ;D

    Saying that it looks a nice enough bike!!! ;D
  3. Oh My GOD

    Who the hell would want to by that Flexiframed peice of road riding C.R.A.P.  ;D ;

    I only have 2 words for u


    Join the FAT TYRE TRIBE, and join the FUN side of cycling, Failing that, go shave your leg hairs and call yourself a ROADIE  :-[ Sad bunch that they are.

    Rant Over

    P.s I have a GT Zaskar 99 model(bullbarnished), Full XTR groupset, Rockshox Forks with speed springs, Riser Bars, Velocity Deep V Rims, Wildgripper tyres, and much more.
    any serious offers email me
    Cost new 1500 UK Pounds
  4. Niiiice mate! But there aren't enough hill around here for me to justify an upgrade like that.. I'll stick with me Specialized Rockhopper and it's XT groupset.  ;D
  5. I like the way this ad has been sat here untouched by anyone...and cos i come and take the pi*s out of it,everyone does!!!!.....still cant complain i suppose! ;D
  6. ;D  That's what you get for trying to sell a two wheeld krautmobile!
  7. True.....racers are crap to say the least!,i must have become a pro on changing tyres until i realised a mountain bike was the way ahead!! ;D