Racing bog roll

I was following threads about filling ditches & the terrible flooding in Cumbria recently & had a dream about filling the flood defences with politicians & civil servants to improvise footbridges.Then,I thought what a dreadfully uneven path-how about some of that metal road on a roll that RL drivers used to chase, in a panic,as it raced off the roof.But what the hell was the system (70's) called,apart from the obvious :slow: :?
A_Knocker_Till_The_End said:
notice no pictures of ratchets spinning without any young sappers attached to them as normally happened

:lol: Ah good memories! Got caught out a couple of times in my younger years. Flying up in the air then landing like a pile of sh1te on the ground, only to be booted around the 4 tonner by the section banana for being a mong. :clap: :thumleft:
Didn't you always find the slots for the recovery ropes were always either filled with crap or bent to buggery and couldn't get the fixings in, especially at 2 in the morning after a bridge gallop.
Brilliant! almost forgot about the old LRE! after every bridge build no Section Commanders could be found as they knew they'd get dicked for the Trackways and if they got the distance calcs wrong or some knobber forgot to loosen the clamps they would get crated 8)

Upon seeing the Thread title I had vivid memories of racing around the NAAFI with an entire bogroll trailing from the mouth back to the Gents after 'eating' one of the mine swept pint glasses a couple of us had been doing all night, only instead of one of the girlie German thin glasses I mistakenly mineswept one of the heavy ones with the windows in and proceeded to chew on it only to cover the dance like your dad floor in claret!

Once a Sapper and all that eh! 8O


MacSapper said:
Hold left, Back right, hold Right, back left, Hold Left etc ,,

How difficult can it beeee,,, wweeee ,,,,

Oya fkr that hurt[/quote

And forward together.......
I love the way that all of the photos show pristine "flat" training outings - as opposed to the "it's pizzed with rain, the Brig's accom is that one". - Cue six of us considering in a nanosecond the fun, and total waste of effort, that is about to see four Class 30's laid end-to-end over a football pitch, which is under about three inches of water. Happy days!
Not only trying to "Re-roll" them.... just finding the f-uckers after a battlegroup had just hammered over it and buried it..... and left it looking like a screwed up kit kat wrapper.,.... try getting that baby back on a roll, most got dragged out by a CET from memory and taken away to "Der trackvay ger-menderinger"

Better than the class 60 though.... that was just a morale chasm.

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