Racial discrimination/victimisation help

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by big6_88, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. Long post since i've been on here last, but in short looking for helping finding a reputable solicitor/lawyer/advocate who would be able to help and advise with regards to the subject/topic matter above, the name john mackenzie comes up alot in searches but the gentlemans contact details are nye on impossible to find, many thanks prior to those who are able to help as this is a matter that seems to be taking over my life at the moment.
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  3. your response only serves the scope in which your brain can operate at

    ever thought that this involves the chain of command?

    also i'm now medically discharged so that isn't a viable option

    ps your favourite cock x
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  4. Try contacting The Law Society for a recommendation.
  5. Did you ever think about the CAB in the first instance?
  6. MPH of Manchester

    Gilbert Blades of Lincoln

    Both are used to dealing with military issues.
  7. Race card, biff card AND bullying card all rolled into one!

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  9. Post a brief outline of the facts.

    There are very strict time limits for employment tribunal claims. And if you are no longer serving you will probably have missed them.

    You may still be able to seek redress through the courts. But this will probably involve throwing some money at it.
  10. 3 months
  11. in short bullying by one particular section commander throughout my training carrying an injury early on throughout with abuse calling me a shit **** weak gook and that my injury was fake, evidently reflective in my treatment as NCO's report back on a regular basis to the SMO when you're on the sick sheet. went on beat up course and got medically discharged due to existing and ongoing old injury they said from phase one, paying for treatment on civvy street and soon after discharge found i had torn a ligament in my ankle and slipped and cracked a disc in my back
  12. the fact that most of the chain of command was present when this happened and one occasion i got agai'd when i had enough one day of the abuse serves again my response to you

    and also ever thought a complaint towards your own chain of command whilst you're under there direction could lead a junior soldier being discharged under whichever quango they wish?

    and compensation isn't the primary objective it's recompence and justice being brought to this individual is what i'm after, the fact is this case ha been ongoing for a long time and the SPVA have told me to seek legal advice in regards to a employment tribunal in relation to this matter and they think it is not medically applicable and a seperate matter altogether

    but thanks again for your psychoanalysis and input however narrow minded it may seem
  13. OK just a few questions. When did this bullying/harrassment start? If you decided not to complain until over 3 months after the last incident, you will be ruled out of time. Just make sure you follow: Who has wronged you? How did they wrong you? What do you want by way of redress? get back to me, I am happy to help
  14. Absolutely right about the 3 month time limit for making a complaint. Just to add, in certain circumstances the normal time limit will be extended if the decision maker considers that it would be just and equitable to do so. This would not happen lightly and would have to be for some definite reason, eg the complainant was deployed or hospitalised and thereby unable to access advice, etc. There also also special time limits for complaints about services medical care. All in JSP 831.
  15. Whatever your sect comd thought would have no bearing what so ever on the treatment the MO would prescribe for you. That accusation is laughable. No MO, in this day and age would give a flying **** what a Cpl thought. Too much risk of litigation etc.

    I'm not being narrow minded, I've got you well sussed and you don't like it. I've known many deserving cases from injuries, not an issue here. I've known bullies and genuine racists, and I don't like or condone it.
    But, ask yourself this, who else was called a shit ****?
    Who else was accused of malingering?
    Will those in training back me up with witness statements saying they witnessed racism/bullying? Will they support your accusation of being called a gook?
    If he did this, I hope he gets whats coming to him, I genuinely do.
    This is genuine as well:a few years ago I witnessed a complaint made of racism in a training environment against a SNCO.
    Other ethnic minorities and a sprinkling of whites were asked if they knew of any racial derogatory comments, racism against themselves or others from the said SNCO. Not one of the others backed him up. Funny, he was the only one to fail. He was shown to be a bitter and twisted faker. And the other students were happy to write sworn statements to say they were happy with the training, with the SNCO & JNCO instructors.

    Think hard

    From what I've seen in 18 years regular service, It's usually the ones who struggle who complain on course critiques, or complain of harassment when they fail at what others succeed in.
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